Hurry, free movie tickets available in several cities

to Win Win, Beastly, and Cedar Rapids. I was shocked that tickets were still available but several cities are still open.

Win Win is the new movie written and directed by Thomas McCarthy, whose name might not be immediately familiar, but he wrote and directed The Station Agent with Peter Dinklege, and The Visitor with Richard Jenkins. Win Win stars Paul Giamatti. It sounds like a trite plot, but based on his other two movies, with Tom McCarthy behind it I think it’ll be very good.

Here’s the link for the free tickets. As I type this, Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Vancouver BC and Washington DC are still available.

Cedar Rapids sounds really stupid on paper, but I saw it and thought it was funny and sweet. A bit raunchy and so not for everyone, but I had a good time and laughed out loud quite often. Ed Helms and John C. Reilly have great chemistry, and Anne Heche surprised me by being really good, and beautiful, too.
Here’s the link and the current list of cities available.

* Available: Baltimore, MD
* Available: Buffalo, NY
* Available: Calgary, AB
* Available: Detroit, MI
* Available: Edmonton, AB
* Available: Houston, TX
* Available: Las Vegas, NV
* Available: Madison
* Available: Memphis, TN
* Available: New Orleans, LA
* Available: Oklahoma City, OK
* Available: Providence, RI
* Available: Richmond, VA
* Available: Rochester, NY
* Available: San Antonio, TX
* Available: Syracuse, NY
* Available: Syracuse, NY
* Available: Tucson, AZ
* Available: Tulsa, OK
* Available: Norfolk, VA

I don’t know about Beastly, it looks gross and horrible, but I’ll see almost any movie for free, so I got my ticket at this link. It doesn’t indicate which cities are sold out, if any. I tried Chicago and it worked.