Hymen ripping

Is a tampon strong enough, or a bike seat?

As with many questions posted here, it depends.

Total or partial coverage?
Thick or thin membrane?

In general, no. But there are exceptions, which I believe will follow shortly.

Well, gee, from the title I thought this would be an exciting thread - where is everybody?

Is hymen ripping anything like bodice ripping?

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Actually, Lumps, if it’s done right, shouldn’t it be…

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But I’m sure the ladies will bust that myth 'o mine too.

I deflowered a virgin in my time, and it was tough. But I also know of many girls who were deflowered by the seat of their bicycle or a bannister even.

Depends sounds like the most scientific answer we are likely to get…

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Lots of women have flexible hymens. One girl I know gave birth to two kids & still has her hymen.

The first time I had sex, I was expecting a lot of pain and bleeding. It was a little painful, but I didn’t bleed at all. I don’t remember an incident where I bled before that, either. I do have friends, though, who say that they bled all over. So, I guess it’s different for all women.

My wife is 41, and to this day, says that intercourse is painful to her. Her hymen never tore away much, and when she was in her late teens, it took MANY attempts to even have intercourse.
Different bodies…

typertrphy…I think perhaps your wife should see a doctor about it. I remeber seeing a TV segment regarding these kind of problems where a minor surgical procedure perhaps could relief (or release) the pleasure!

I knew a girl that had to haver hers surgically punctured before intercourse could take place… as did her mother before her and so on…

Now THAT father had no reason to worry :slight_smile:

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Gee, after I read the title of this thread, I thought it was going to be about bashing some jewish guy. Oy… :slight_smile:

BurnMeUp, I’ve read that too.

Im going to be straight with you on this-one of my friends’ said that father’s who engaged in sex with their daughters often made up a story & told the daughters that when they were adults, that when they were young, that they took them to the doctor to have the hymen cut. As a form of coverup.

Hold on a second here… how old were these daughters supposed to have been? You’d think they’d remember that that’s not how it happened unless they were EXTREMELY young at the time.

Also, it would be a little suspicious that there are no medical records of this supposed procedure, not to mention that I am having a hard time coming up with a good reason (at least in a parent’s eyes) for having it done sooner than a month or so before her wedding unless there is obviously something very, very wrong.

This is not to say that such things couldn’t have happened in a few isolated cases, but I got the distinct impression from what you said that you and/or your friend believes that this is the main or sole cause of the belief that occasionally surgical intervention is necessary.

FWIW: I like old books, and among the old books that I like are old medical or “advice for young people” books (it’s interesting to see how medicine and society have changed over the years). Frequently in both kinds of books there will be a chapter on “preparation for married life” or some such, where a full medical examination is generally recommended, and the possibility of this procedure is mentioned.

Athena wrote:

Not even during your menses?

I’m not flying fast, just orbiting low.

A cousin of mine, after experiencing terrible pain- had to have a hymenectomy- she was menstruating and it wasn’t coming out due to a completely closed hymen. Outpatient procedure- all done.

I don’t ever remember having a hymen or having it rip. Sex was not painful the first time, so maybe it happened as a kid? Don’t know, but I for one don’t think I even had one. Hmmmmmmm…

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Relieve? Sounds more like a clitorectomy. >:-0

Would a spiritual advisor to virgins be referred to as a Hymen Chaplain? What would he require for education? :wink:

Nano, actually removing the hymen or cutting it would allow for easier penetration but would not remove any of the pleasure sensation, only the initial pain.

On the other hand, a clitoroidectomy is butchery, if you ask me. Excising a woman’s clitoris…must of been thought up by a jealous man (and yes, I know it’s usually the women of the tribe that do it).

Bunnygirl - Cecil touched upon the subject of clitoridectomies while addressing a question about female circumcision.


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