Hypocrite PC-zealots and their strawmen.

First: this thread.
Second: I did not read a single post from it after my last post, because I had enough of that crap. Probably won’t read any of this either, I’ve no illusions of converting fanatics.

So: there was this waitress that was groped and she beat up the perv and called the cops. Everybody agreed that it served him right. I was one of those and still am. Then I mentioned her scant dress might have contributed and it might’ve not been the best choice in a place where groping problem was so rampant that they had to install cameras because of it.
Apparently that was blaming the victim and taking sides with the groper and even being a groper myself, and that I think women should wear burkhas if they didn’t want to be groped.

What kind of sick, twisted mind can bend “there are bad things out there, be careful” into “She asked for it and I would’ve groped her too.” ?
Everybody who is honest knows that the dress can sometimes contribute. Some perverts even take miniskirts as an invitation

And all you bastards who thought “GOTCHA! You said it IS an invitation”, I never said that and you know it, liars

Also when I mentioned it might’ve been a trap ( there was groping problem, they installed cameras for it ) I was blamed saying that those evil women are trapping innocent men. Another lie. I said I was fine with it if it was a trap. That kind of traps catch only bad guys, but not good ones, so why would anyone have a problem with it. Are cops also evil when they set up traps for criminals ?

Look closer, idiot, I did NOT say that gropers aren’t criminals. They are.

And when I passingly mentioned in a long post that I don’t expect women to wear burkhas or to stay indoors, this one idiot calmly accused that at least I’m thinking so ignoring everything else in that post.

That post was the first time I ever told anyone that as a youngster I was groped by an old guy ( in a wheelcair, no less ) and thanks for your responses it sure as hell was also the last. I have no doubt that you can easily convince yourselves that I lied, and hell, maybe I did. But it doesn’t really matter because there really is no way you can be certain and that means that you either shamed the victim or - if I lied - at least proved that you have potential to do so, which obviously it pretty much the same thing.

I’ve heard that pc-crowd is turning into religious zealots and with this I can see that it’s actually true with some people. The funny thing is that here in the SDMB you, without a shred of irony, are mocking trumpheads when they twist everything that their Messiah says or does so that it would seem positive. You are ready to go so far that even warning about a risk is forbidden, because it’s somehow blames the victim. You rather seem them groped than forewarned.

You are damn strawman-building hypocrites and enablers.


a “sick, twisted mind” which thinks “it doesn’t matter what she’s wearing, you don’t just walk by and grab here anywhere.”

regardless of how slight you think it is, you are still trying to transfer some responsibility for the act away from the guy who did it and put it on her.

This is going to end up real well for you. Yep. Real well.

LOL, what board have you been posting on? You either 100% agree with the prevailing opinion, or that means you are 100% in agreement with the opposite.

Yep. If her clothes contributed to the sexual assault, then it’s somewhat her fault.

Except for right here, right?

On the internet there is knee-jerk overreaction on any side in practically any discussion. This is especially the case of topics that are worn out. And when people try to defend well established “dumb” positions.

I mean, you are certainly correct to call out hypocrisy and hysteria, but you posting a well established dumb opinion might have contributed and it might’ve not been the best choice in a place where the harsh reply problem is so rampant that they have had to install moderators because of it.

And you’re a whiny little shit of a snowflake. Did the board hurt your feelings? Too fucking bad.

And no one gives a shit how you think women should dress. No one here, no one in your personal life, no one on the street. No one gives a shit what you think on the topic.

Are you agreeing with him, or just threadshitting? If you think waitresses invite sexual abuse because of the clothes they wear, at least have the guts to say it.

Of course I’m not agreeing with him. But you can see sort of what he is saying in that very thread by witnessing a posting by Chronos taken is some strange ways by some people. And when I pointed it out, somehow I was also the bad guy.

My statement is not topic specific, but happens in a lot of discussions throughout this board.

And another thing.

What’s the deal with these 6 and 7 year olds dressing up like they are 12 or 13? Is it any wonder?

Perhaps people are sick and tired of this “Politically Incorrect” excuse used to justify things that are just plain “incorrect”. Sexual harassment is wrong, not “Politically Incorrect”.

Really, what is a worse expectation:

  1. That you enter this thread hoping its a Microsoft vs Apple vs Linux reboot from 2004, or
  2. That you open this thread worrying it’s yet more bullshit about a term coined… or put in the public vernacular… in 1987?

Definitely #1.

Oh, I don’t know… PC vs Linux vs Apple seems rather quaint nowadays, a debate from happier times.

Oh yeah…back when any/all questions about PCs were answered with “Get an Apple” or “Install Linux” right off the bat.

So you are saying that it is women’s fault when they get raped.



I love that I’m enabling sexual assault by my foolish insistence that if some asshat gropes me, it isn’t because he was triggered by seeing some skin, it’s not because I’m bait in some trap, it’s not because of me at all- it’s all on him.

And we all know that most groping takes place where the most skin is visible, right? So ladies, we should avoid beaches - triggering skin is visible!

In retrospect “what is running your computer: MS, Apple, or Linux?” is a much more pleasant question to ponder than “Who is running the US: Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin?”.

I’m somewhat amused by the OP’s stupidity in assuming he can somehow get a win on this topic. There’s nothing to win, you just decide how much effort you want to waste in losing.