Ever been groped by a stranger? What were you wearing?

Over in this thread SaneBill tries to defend a groper by pointing out what the gropee was wearing. This is a common misconception “Yeah, but she was looking hot” or sending signals or whatever.

So if you (male or female) had unwanted groping, what were you wearing at the time.

I had on a T-shirt, sweat pants and sneakers when I was groped on a public bus. I immediately jumped up and changed my seat, adding a few words about the groper’s moral character.

I was in the Navy, in the working uniform, which was denim pants and a chambray shirt and steel-toed shoes. A civilian employee came up behind me and rubbed against me. :eek: This was in the 70s and I just figured it was part of working in a predominantly male environment. I shoulda decked the guy!

I was groped (male in my 20s) when I was in school because the kids thought I had a big bum. The secondary school uniform trousers probably accentuated that problem.

The weirdest thing though was a biracial young guy who when drunk asked if he could touch my bum…I was a bit flattered since I’m bisexual but it was still very awkward.

I was on the train headed downtown to work, wearing a pantsuit. Standard outfit, nothing tight. Brown slacks, button-down blouse, matching jacket, heels. I don’t generally wear makeup other than mascara and tinted lip balm. Some guy started grinding against my backside and put his hand in my jacket when the train stopped at the station. I did fall backward against him (I was looking for my badge in my purse instead of holding onto the pole like I should’ve been), but I don’t think that necessitates a boob grab or dry humping.

I was groped by a guy at a costume party. I was dressed as St. Sebastian, in a sort of toga (and an arrow thru my head) and my chest was exposed, and he pinched my nipple. I knew the guy, and he was gay. FWIW.


Mrs. Bullitt was, back in high school while traveling in Italy. She’s never been groped in the US. In Italy she was wearing basic blue jeans and groped from behind by a guy riding a bicycle. It was a drive-by groping.

I was groped by an older woman. Grabbed my ass while I was wearing jeans. Rosenmontag in Mainz so it was kind of expected.

You want me to list what I was wearing EACH TIME?

I don’t even want to try and recall each one, but between the ones I remember way too easily and my clothing habits since I left 8th grade there’s a 90% probability the answers will boil down to either “jeans and a tee” or “jeans, a blouse and a jacket”. There’s a smaller probability of “jeans, a tee and a jacket” or of a sweatshirt being part of the oh-so-elegant ensemble.

I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. At the time I was a fat, Shirley Hemphill looking twentysomething. A young boy of about 10 or twelve crept up behind me as I was ascending to the subway (yes, it was the elevated 4 train, but it eventually goes underground) and stuck his fingers between my legs. Lemme tell ya, my fat ass chased that boy down and picked him up by the collar/throat while yelling, “You a man? You think you a man? You wanna be beat like a man?” and shaking him. I was so, so, sooooo angry I was thisclose to beating the living shit out of that little boy. His friend saved him. He was running around me in circles, waving his arms yelling, 'Lady, don’t hurt him! He’s sorry. Don’t hurt him!"

I put him down and both those little punks ran away.

I was maybe 17, riding my bicycle down a paved path. I was wearing skin-tight spandex bicycle shorts and a t-shirt. A bunch of women (possibly high school girls, can’t recall, but they were quite young) were mostly blocking my path, so I had to slow down to a crawl to pass safely around them. As I did so, one of them reached out and grabbed a handful of my ass. I wasn’t particularly bothered by it, so much as surprised. I was under the impression that it was exclusively men who did that sort of thing to women, not the other way around - and yet here was not just a counterexample, but one that had in fact happened to me directly.

Late 20’s, on a bus. Wearing jeans and a tee shirt.

I wasn’t so much groped, as the recipient of unwanted affection from a stranger: he kept trying to put his arm around me, side hug me, and rub my back-- but not my butt. He was making small talk, and I think working his way up to asking me out, even though I was someone he’d just walked up to out of nowhere.

I was wearing sneakers, jeans, and a hoodie with the university logo, and I was in the stacks at the university library.

I never did know how much of a perv this guy was, because I was 14 at the time, and he was at the youngest, a grad student. He was somewhere between 24 and 30-- I wasn’t very good at estimating adult ages at the time.

Anyway, I was 14, but I was 5’3, wore a 34B bra, and was wearing a university sweatshirt in a university library. I was frequently mistaken for a college freshman at that age, especially when I was on campus. If he thought I was 18, he was just kind of a jerk who wasn’t taking “No” for an answer. But if he had any inkling I was only 14…well, pretty pervy.

I walked away from him, and he tried to follow, but I ducked around the maze of book cases, and down a staircase, and then ran. I got to an area where there were lots of people as soon as I could. I was kind of freaked out. No matter what I looked like, I didn’t even have a lot of experience with boys my own age.

RivkahChaya, that is super-extra-creepy!

March 1994, about 4:00PM. Standing on a concrete wall near River Street in Savannah, GA side by side with a couple other guys just looking at the river and being drunk (Army days). A woman walked by at a fairly brisk pace and lightly pinched our junk as she passed. Amazingly deft given she never turned her head or slowed her pace. I think we were more awed at the skill of the maneuver than violated. The consensus was it was just sorta weird and funny, like a physical “Hello Boys…

Wearing denim or canvas shorts and T-shirts.

I’m male, late 20’s at the time, I was dancing and singing with my wife and two females we happened to be standing next to and talking to at a piano bar sing along place. During one of the songs everyone was making movements in unison to the right and then to the left, and as we went one direction one of the ladies on my side went a little further, reached over, grabbed my junk and smiled at me.

I thought it was amusing. My wife wasn’t sure what to make of it, it seemed playful, but it wasn’t obvious what the goal was.


When I was about 17 or 18 I was at a party standing in the kitchen talking to the older brother of a girl in my school. His girlfriend, who I didn’t know and had never met, was standing kind of between us with her back to me. In the middle of the conversation she put her hand down behind her back and began to fondle my genitals. It was absolutely surreal and because we were all drinking I was happy to see where it would end up. After amusing herself for a while she turned and smiled at me and walked off to get a drink. I don’t think we ever spoke to one another. ETA jeans and a shirt.

I was wearing a “Please grope me” T-shirt when I was groped on the Metro.

The three times I can remember being groped I had been wearing a uniform.

When I was in high school(kilt/blouse) a handicapped boy grabbed my boob. We were on the city bus, and I was standing in front of where he was sitting. I was slightly embarrassed, but not too bothered.

I worked with a guy at a movie theatre when I was in my teens who constantly harassed me. He loved to corner me and make moves. We were both managers. I finally had enough and went to my boss, who told me they wouldn’t fire him, but they would transfer me to a different theatre. I told him to shove it up his ass and walked out. A month or so later two other female staff complained and he was finally fired.

And the third time I remember vividly. I was leaning over scooping ice out of the ice maker and my supervisor came up behind me and grabbed my boob. I turned on him and told him he ever tried that shit again I’d have him fired. My last experience left me jaded so I didn’t do anything about it. However a few days later one of the younger girls pulled me aside and told me he had done the same thing to her. We went to management and he was fired.

Incidentally, the guy from the movie theatre found me a year later. He was working as a security guard at that point. He came to my place of work and asked if i wanted to come work for him. Not fucking likely dude!

I bartended and waitressed for a few years so I’m sure there were other casual gropes, but those three still stand out for me.

When I was volunteering as an auxiliary police officer, there was a do at the Lieutenant’s home. I was in the kitchen, his wife (who I had never met) walked in, looked around and then pressed up against me and kissed me. I was so shocked I just stood there letting it happen for a few seconds, then shoved her away. The fact that my wife and her husband were both in the next room certainly hastened my decision. I learned later that she was having an affair with another active duty cop. I don’t recall exactly, but I’m sure I was wearing jeans and a shirt. I don’t think it would have mattered if I had been naked or wearing a burka.