Dude gropes the wrong waitress and gets his ass handed to him.

Just a little schadenfreude to brighten your day. Linky

Florida. We really need to build a wall around that place and keep those people contained.

More awesome from the link.

That’s what Jesse Helms said about Chapel Hill NC, but added “and charge admission.”

Best part of that story is that the dimwit was arrested for sexual battery in front of his wife and two kids.

Saw this story earlier and just loved seeing that guy ‘taken care of’! My first thought was “what a teachable moment there” and looks kinda like it is now :slight_smile:
Extra-special is the woman’s want for any GoFundMe proceeds to go to the animal shelter. Awesome…

Womp womp…

Perfect alignment of consecutive threads at the moment:

Georgia. Not us for once!

It occurred in Georgia, but the perpetrator was from Palm Bay, Florida. Sorry. :slight_smile:

Guy that groped her was from Florida. Sorry.

That totally fucking rocked!

I gave the shelter five bucks too because Miss Holden and cats are both very cool.

That video made me day.

Waitasecond… if he wasn’t local and he was arrested in front of his family, does that imply that he groped a waitress in a restaurant that his wife and children were also at? Because that just adds an extra layer of stupid to what he did.


I’m typically not a proponent of violence, but I cheered when she slammed him into the chair. Good on her!

As noted, Florida.

I’d guess he was returning to his table from the restroom when this occurred, so yeah, his family was prolly like 20 feet away when he got his ass sat down and yelled at.

It was oh so casual and practiced that I have to assume that he not only had done this many times before, but that he figured she wouldn’t even react in a way that his family could see.
Boy, was he wrong :smiley:

Well done that woman!