Dude gropes the wrong waitress and gets his ass handed to him.

I’d love to hear both the conversation between the mother and kids, and the one between groper and wife later on. I’m guessing she won’t bail his ass out.

“Why are the police taking daddy away?”
“Well, honey, daddy is a sexual predator.”

i hope he washed his hands.

I have noticed in life that neither marrying nor breeding stops the stupidity.

What a woman. I am gonna give to the go-fund-me. Wow!
Girlfriend has my respect.

That takedown was a thing of beauty.

Anyone started a pool as to whether there’s a divorce in his immediate future?

It was so casual I’d bet anything this isn’t anywhere close to the first time he’s done it. If his wife is not a fool (though we can’t rule that out; she did marry this POS), she knows this is not new behavior. It may even be how they met. :smiley:

You can’t see from the camera angle, but I suspect his grabass was more like a goose, as the waitress said it was a “more intimate touch”.

Good thing this didn’t happen in Italy. I understand it is more common and more accepted there. Ah, those Italians!

Thread title implies that another waitress would be more amenable to sexual harassment…

No, it doesn’t.

Not tossing the culprit into a counter, at least. (1:31 - 1:33)

A lot of businesses would have fired an employee for laying hands on a customer no matter what the customer did. I’m glad that she wasn’t, because no one should have to put up with that sort of shit.


Oh yeah? Well, we’re not paying for it!

Her GoFundMe is at 9,022 out of a 20,000 goal.

Way cool, but not quite the body slam that some news sources have described. She sort of swings him around by his collar. Some sites said she put him into a headlock and threw him to the floor.

Well, look close. She grabs his collar with her right hand, which slows him down. Then her left hand/arm goes around his neck and she swings him around throwing him towards a wastebin. Can’t really tell if he’s on the floor or perhaps a chair. But he got thrown pretty good. She looks pretty strong, and the guy isn’t exactly small.

Into the counter she was working at, hard enough to push the counter into the back of another guy enjoying his meal.

What gets me is that this happens so often at that place they had to put up security cameras. How many other women got groped at work and had to smile to save their tips?

A piledriver or a powerbomb would have been cooler :cool:

Any bets on how long it takes him to sue the Restuarant?