Hypocrite's anonymous

Me’Corva, I’m Sorry!
I really don’t know you, and I’m sure you really are more of a frill lizard.

Listen, that last post has restored quite a bit of faith in me as to the intelligence and level-headedness of the Doping community, Thank you.

Your views and beliefs may be WAY off as far as I am concerned but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good discussion about it. I am as guilty as everyone for attacking your belief system. Heck my original post was fully intended to bring down the whole idea of atheism. What kind of a hypocrite am I? A big one!

You know it’s funny. I have learned more about my own faith in the last two days, pounding it out on this keyboard and being bombarded with criticism. And it’s great. I made a whole lot of mistakes, but I am quickly learning from them.

Oh and sorry about the Dragon comments, I mean I can see how you may have been offended, but personally, I think Dragons are pretty cool! :cool:

SORRY! This post shoud have been a reply in my other thread…

Read first, then click… D’oh!