I admit it! I enjoyed the movie: No Reservations

I admit it! I enjoyed the movie: No Reservations!

My wife and I saw it this evening when we couldn’t get tickets the latest Jason Bourne thriller.

Sure it was straight out of the romantic comedy formula. Maybe part of the reason I enjoyed it was because (as some of you know) my wife died four years ago, and I could sympathize with the the emotions off a child dealing with the loss of her mother. It could also be that I can’t seem to find a movie with Aaron Eckhart that I haven’t enjoyed. (yeah, I know, in another thread someone mentioned some that would definitely be hated by all)

Anyway I really enjoyed it.

[spoiler]OK, and what’s it say about me if I was worried that

  1. When CZJones finally gave AEckhart the key to her secret recipe that he was using her only to get the secret ingredient.
    2)When CZJones’s character didn’t find her daughter at home, that the neighbor had done something terrible to her.

I saw the German film this was based on (it’s called “Mostly Martha”) and I liked it a lot. and Aaron Eckhart is hot. So based on that and what you say, I’ll have to check this out.

The ads make it look horrible, but a lot of people are saying it’s better than the ads imply. If I’m ever in the mood for a rom-com (a doubtful proposition) maybe I’ll give it a look.

SWMBO and I went to see this movie tonight. It’s predictable but it is very well acted. Kudos to Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eckhart and especially to Abigail Breslin, who damn near steals the show away from the leads.