I almost didn't get to post this....

Let me set it up for you. My wife was working till midnight tonight. I picked her up fine, both kids in car. It’s a deathtrap, but until my van is fixed, all I have. It’s a misty, rainy Saturday night, and I’m moving slowly down Hwy 80, headed to the SW Street exit. That goes fine, pass some slum housing, turn onto SW Street. This end of the street is wharehousing, scrap metal yards, what I call “Industrial Slum”. There are two topless bars to add to the ambiance, too: Babe’s and Danny’s (Named after it’s founder, currently a resident in one of the stricter Federal Pens for racketeering and murder.) Anyway, I’m headed around this curve in the road, when I notice a truck headed FOR me, at a high rate of speed. His lights are off, and he doesn’t seem to steady behind the wheel. Suddenly, I’m checking my rear view, which is clear, then swerving with all my might hoping I’ve got enough time to at least get the drivers side and my son’s doors clear of this drunk. I’m figuring I’ll be spending time in the hospital if I’m lucky, my wife is hanging on for dear life, and the kids are wondering what that big truck is doing heading for them.

Somewhere, in the alcohol and sex soaked backroom of of whatever he calls a brain, he realised that hitting a car with a family in it, at his rate of speed might even prove fatal to him. He swerved back onto his side of the road with scant inches to spare, literally. I saw his front right quarterpanel real close. He swerves on into the night, never turning on his lights, so I didn’t get his license plate.

I’ve been in this situation before, but it never fails to amaze me that some people can be so fucking stupid as to drink and drive. I wish I could have gotten him in trouble somehow, but I had to make sure everyone was okay first.

My only hope is that he either gets caught or ends up in a fatal crash into a ditch.


I’m glad you and yours are ok!

Oh my God.
I am SO glad everyone is all right! I cannot understand how people can drive drunk and still live with themselves. I hope this guy woke up in a ditch.
This is the first virtual hug I ever gave anyone.
{{{{{{Saint Zero}}}}}}

Whew!! Glad you’re all okay!
We had a run-in with a drunk on a winding country road a few months back. We were on our way to my ob/gyn to get an ultrasound of my baby. We saw a pickup cresting a hill up ahead us us, and he was weaving all over the place. As he came down the hill toward us, he switched into our lane and was headed right at us. My husband laid on the horn while he steered around this asshole. If we didn’t have a small car, we wouldn’t have had room to get past him. If we had gone off the road, our car would have rolled down a steep hill. We drive a Nissan Sentra; they are great for gas mileage, but they don’t hold up well in collisions. His big pickup would have creamed us, leaving our nine-year old son an orphan (he was at his sitter’s house). It happened so fast, that we couldn’t get his plates, but we did call the police when we got to the next town, and described his truck. I hope they nailed the bastard :mad:

It was about three-thirty in the afternoon, so he’d started his drinking pretty early.

My baby son was born two days later; 8lbs, 6oz. :slight_smile:

{{{Saint Zero}}}I hope he gets busted before he hurts anybody. What a terrifying experience!

Thanks ya’ll. Espically the hugs. :slight_smile:

I had a cellphone in the car, but didn’t have time to use it. At least we made it. Couldn’t have told the cops anything outside “Grey ford F150, Mid 80’s, battered and rusty, with a moron behind the wheel.” :smiley:

Glad you and yours are still here to tell the story, St. Z. Whew!

Very glad you’re okay, Saint.

A few years back, my mom and I were driving in Allentown, PA, or thereabouts. I was reading, and heard my mom yell, “Oh God!” She swerved sharply to the left. Something hit the door on my side, hard. My glasses and my book both flew away from me to land on the floor. The other car zoomed off; he had pulled out of a shopping center without stopping or looking, and still didn’t stop or look when he hit us. We pulled over. Several other drivers collaborated on giving us descriptions of the car, the driver, and the license plate. People love to get in on things like this. All the info was accurate, too. When the cops showed up, they were able to run the license plate right away. They tracked the guy down. I forget how, but it took a while. I went into the shopping center to get burgers for mom and myself. The cops kept asking me what I saw. My mom and I told them each time, “I was reading.” “She reads.” The guy finally showed up, with about five other people. It’s true what Cartman said: “Poor people tend to live in clusters.”. Everyone we told about it, even Brad*, my ex-con nephew, immediately asked, “Are you okay?” Except my dad. My mom kept it together throughout the whole incident. Amazing that she can be so cool when something’s really wrong, but has Dolby Surround tantrums over something like a cake-mix bag popping.