I almost posted a superfluous question

One of the most disgusting thing in SDMB ethics seems to be asking a General Question that has been asked (and answered) before. Now I confess: I rarely check the search (burn this person!). I just guess whether it’s probable that this ha sbeen asked before, and if not, I ask. Sounds risky, but I’ve gotten along with it pretty well.

Now, a few minutes ago, I was at the brink of asking about Saddam Hussein’s name - why is he referred to as “Saddam” all the time? Saddam could be his family name, since his eldest son’s name is Udai Saddam. But then why would they put the dictator’s family name first, but his son’s second?

I almost posted it, when a tiny little voice inside arose: “Check it! Check it first! Run a search for saddam hussein name! If it’s been asked before, you’re down and out forever!” And so I did, and in fact there’s a number of posts on it.

Anyway, I found an opportunity to drop off this thing nonetheless, if not in GQ but in MPSIMS.

I’m so proud!

Yet you still felt the need to waste precious board resources…


sniff they grow up so fast!

When come back, bring superfluous answer