I am a Horrible Grandson - please flagellate me

So my grandma sent me a lovely sweater and a generous cheque for my birthday. It got here on the first of the month; I cashed the cheque immediately, which is evil, but I needed money.

I finally bestirred myself to write the thank you note. It’s only five days after my birthday. I’m writing along, Thank you for the –

oh shit.

Did she send me a sweater or a shirt?

I break into a cold sweat. I rummage through my clothes piles to find the thing. My only clue is that I remember that the label said it was made in a country I haven’t seen before in a clothes label.

I can’t find it. But the note is late.

I cross my fingers and plunge ahead. I write sweater, since I seem to remember putting it on when I got it because it was a cold day. And I think it was a shirt last year.

Desperately hoping it’s a sweater. I send out the note and continue to sweat. If she sent a shirt and I wrote sweater, I’m going to offend my dear, sweet, eighty-year-old grandma. My mom will hear about and I’ll be in the doghouse for, like, life.

Today I’m doing my laundry and I come across a new sweater. The label says Hecho en Jordania. whoof Saved.

I am an ungrateful wretch of a grandson who can’t even remember what his grandma sent him two weeks ago. Let the flagellations commence.

And the irony is that I actually do appreciate the clothes she sends me. Most of my best shirts and sweaters are from her, including two kick-ass swanky black collared shirts that look good with everything.

You could have written “Thank you for the lovely gift…”

Glad it worked out. Now for the punishment - bite down on this stick, it will make it more bearable.

I will not whip you to help you work through feelings of guilt.

I will whip you to help you work through feelings of horniness, so next time you get some of those let me know.

BTW, a thank-you note written two weeks after the gift was received and less than a week after the occasion is well within the statute of limitations.

:eek: Yeah, I’ll say!:smiley:

[sub]matt WOULD request a flogging now that fizzy’s out for a while in another STATE[/sub]

Not for the person whose stick it is! :eek:

You are a very, very naughty boi. Such a thoughtless, bad, ill-mannered boi needs to be punished thoroughly…

pats lap

[sub]please let the punishment be a spanking and then oral sex…[/sub]

At least you have a grandparent…

I am going to post a thread about the implications of string theory and n-dimentional physics to MPSIMS so the next thread that is hijacked into a flirt-fest requires some effort on your part.

Ooh baby, quark me!

Would Monsieur prefer the top, the bottom, or the strange?

Charmed, I’m sure.

I refuse to participate in any flogging. We all know that it only encourages you.

Okay, I lied. Apparently effort is not required.

You want flagellation? We could always invite you over to the Pad of Evil® for one of our specialty ordeals… Leather restraints, nipple clips, clothespins, duct tape, buttplug, ball gag, blindfold…

You’d become the model grandson overnight. (Except that you’d still be gay. ;))


P.S.: Sorry I didn’t get back to you, but I’ve been sick as a dog since last week, and Jer has midterms, and… :frowning:

So? Gay men can still be models, can’t they?:smiley: