I am amazing content right now

The Ravens won the Super Bowl, and all is right with the world. I’m happy, really happy. What an odd sensation…

Oooh. I sure hope Crunchy Frog doesn’t read this.

But I always knew you had “amazing content.”*

[sub]*poking fun at the typo in the thread title…[/sub]

No comment.

Jeez… Kinda tempting fate aren’t we?

I mean look what happened to Scylla when he said that :slight_smile:

BTW, Congrats on the Superbowl win.

Congrats wierddave, although we may disagree on much else when it comes to the NFL, your Ravens kicked ass and deserve to enjoy themselves (although for some odd reason I keep lookng over my shoulder for Ray and his posse :D). Enjoy your moment. Thankfully, in the NFL it’s any one’s game next season. Bring on the XFL!!

Persephone said

Well, he just said not to post the results in the title, right? :open_mouth: