Signs of the Impending Apocalypse

The cover person for this weeks Christianity Today is Ned Flanders.

I suddenly have fashion sense

Someone said I wasn’t annoying

Someone said I wasn’t ugly <–Sure sign

I start caring about the Super Bowl.

Survivor II immediately following the Superbowl.

[hijack] I love Sports Illustrated’s “Signs of the Apocalypse.” It’s one of the things I always look forward to each week.[/hijack]

More people are interested about the Superbowl than the fact we swore in a new president.

The media goes cuckoo over the newest, greatest, most colossal intention ever … a yet-to-be-manufactured motorized scooter?

That’s because in the Super Bowl, the team that scored the most points will actually get the trophy. :smiley:

The Cubs win the world series.
The Saints win the Super Bowl.
I get a brand new, never been owned before vehicle and can afford to keep it.

Oh, and everyone in DC decided to drop this partisan BS and work to improve the country for once.

The dumbest man on Earth (yes, folks, even dumber than that!) just got sworn in as president.

Cops were brought in for his defense. (I thought it was target practice :confused: )

And the sure sign…cover of this week’s CityPaper: “We’re All Dead.” I mean, they print Cecil, so this has got to be true, right? Right?

I laughed during Conan O’Brien’s monologue, and not at his hair.

Wendell Wagner both made some sense and was not obnoxious in this thread where someone was looking for advice!

Tonight’s Halftime show. After that, one could only hope for the apocalypse.

evilbeth writes:

> Wendell Wagner both made some sense and was not obnoxious
> in this thread where someone was looking for advice!

Well, that explains it! I was wondering why just after I typed my first post in that thread, the skies opened up, there was a crash of thunder, a shaft of light came down from above, a flight of angels appeared, a beast with seven heads rose from the sea, and the voice of God said, “Open the seventh seal.”

You know what, Wendell, the past few posts I have seen from you have been very pleasant and nice. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to you for saying some of the things I’ve said about your posts as a whole. I guess this goes to remind me that each post can be completely different and we shouldn’t judge a poster by a few of his posts!

(And if this isn’t a sign of the impending apocalypse, I don’t know what is!)

A church uses Simpson’s clips to get people to come to church and pass on its message. (This is actually happening I saw it in the paper a day or two ago)

Trent Dilfer just won a Super Bowl(!!!), and the MVP, if he were you or I, would have been in prison watching the game.

I can’t even speak to this. :eek:

Fortunately, magdalene is on the job and is sending out the rescue squad.

When you add in this thread, wherein Milossarian actually AGREES with Stoid, it makes a pretty good case for either Armageddon, or aliens have kidnapped him and transreversed his brain.

Chief Scott used SMILIES!

Someone must have launched already, yeah, that’s it. We’re all doomed!!!

I get married. :confused:

And I thought low-fat Twinkies were a sign of the impending Apocalypse :smiley:

They’ve got nothing on the above stuff!