I Am Bender. Please Insert CD.

Check this out! It’s a PC modded to look like Bender! The site’s in Norwegian, so I’ve got no idea what it’s saying but if you click “Neste Side” it’ll take you to the next page. There’s a pretty detailed break down of how the guy built the case using photographs. And apparently, it does say, “Bite my shiney metal ass.”

Meine glänze metalischen arsch gebissen!!!

(Okay so it’s not Norwegian it’s German)

((Well it’s not even German it’s the best attempt of someone who hasn’t taken German in many years.)

(((Just leave me alone you nitpicking bastards, I’m, gonna have a beer)))

((((That was my best attempt at Monty Python like subtitles))))

(((((Yeah I know I not as funny as Monty Python)))))

(((((((Oh, bugger off for real this time, that beer is gonna be a triple Bourbon))))))

Well, it was pretty good faux-German.

A Bender once it my sister.

Maybe something like Bissen Sie meinen glänzenden metallischen Arsch! (of course, it’s funny because it’s formal.)

It’s got a DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive. :slight_smile:

My Norwegian’s a little rusty, so how about the same thing in English?