I am closer to taking the advice "Get out of that job" than ever.

In my six and a half years of employment I have got more out of it than I have lost. But what I got out of it was during the first four, and the last two have been nothing but hurt, loss, pain, stress, ill-treatment.

And ironically the last two have been those in which I have had the most usefulness to the company, the most dedication, the most IN-expendability.

I have put effort into working to help the company. And two days ago I learnt that I was completely wasting my time. I was doing favours for a company that was ignoring this, taking advantage of it.

For the second year in a row we got no pay rise. Worse - we got the statement that pay rises had not been given to any staff because “we have chosen to put more emphasis on the bonus scheme” as this bonus scheme is based purely on turnover this is a massive kick in the teeth for those who actively do more than is asked of them (such as myself) in the hope that this will be recognised in the pay reviews.

What the fuck was I bothering for???

Dunno, but once you find out, please share it with me–perhaps it’ll be a good enough reason for me to stay at my job. Sorry about the pay raise… :frowning:

I think this request is rhetorical. (You know I wasn’t really asking a question)

If it wasn’t, I am sorry to tell you that I was simply phrasing “I shouldn’t have bothered” in question form in order to be rhetorical.

Good lord. It was a mild joke. Sorry. Oh, never mind…what the fuck am I bothering for? :wink: But thanks for making me smile tonight. :slight_smile:
(Take a deep breath. Look at the want ads. Put your resume together. Have a drink.)

Hold on a sec-

You say the compenstion scheme is being done based on turnover. I take this to mean that the scheme varies due to whether or not people are quitting and going elsewhere?

This is an insanely stupid idea. The reason is that it rewards employees financially for the actions of others, meaning their compensation is unpredictable and out of their control. Moreover, once several people happen to quit, it turns into a disincentive to work. It’s likely to actually hurt the company eventually, as enough people witting gives others less incentive to continue and more to beocme dissatisfied.