I am creating my own country.

I have officially given up on this country (The good ol US of A). I am now starting a new country. Unfourtunately, I don’t currently have the kind of money it takes to start one, to this is hypothetical for now. If I ever do have millions of dollars, this is on the top of the to-do list. One of the major problems is most of the worlds land is taken by other, larger countries. Ideally, I’d buy one of the largest uninhabited South Pacific Islands. With the location settled, we start letting people in. The catch is, to get in, you have to be accepted. As long as your a decent person that has something to contribute to the nation, you’re probably in.

I dont want to list all my polocies right her, right now, so if you got a question about any laws or the like go ahead and ask. And if you wanna sign up, post and you’ll be an honorary member of a hypothetical nation.

Can I be chief accountant? I have great plans to plund–I mean, increase the net assets of your new SuperDuperDonia.

Tell ya what, soon as we got some net assets to plund-Opps, increase… you got the job.

I can be chief propaganda minis – I mean, press secretary.


Application to become the Foreign Minister.

Qualifications : I have an atlas and am bilingual - English and gibberish.

My first assignment would be to travel the world introducing myself to all foreign ministers of the world starting with the Bahamas for a period of 6 months.

Both of you got the job. And jaydubyasee, nice to meet another Gibb speaker. Flippity Floppity Floop Yirtl Erlan Sloer Doth.

Of course, the Master has addressed the issue.

With that wise advice under my arm, can I be Minister of Parties, er, I mean “Social Development”? :smiley:

I speak English, Esperanto, some French, and Techie, er, I mean, Gibberish.

Since small islands often have a shortage of natural resources to draw on, alternative means of funding must be used to fire up the economy.

I would like to be Minister Of Piracy.

My Qualifications: [ul]
[li]I can go “Yo-Ho-Ho!” See, I just did.[/li][li]I can easily obtain a Parrot.[/li][li]Hi Opal![/li][li]I can count to 16, thus I am able to regulate the number of men who can lawfully be on a Dead Man’s Chest.[/li][li]I have a plank.[/li][li]And, as all the Ladies of the SDMB can testify, I am always on the lookout for booty.[/li][/ul]

I hereby apply for the position of ‘Minister of Leisure’. I will be very conscientious in overseeing and developing regulations and guidelines for pleasure/relaxation. I will also coordinate major fun cultural events, like rock concerts, movie screenings etc.

I respectfully submit that all recreational pharmaceuticals and beverages be vetted by myself and my loyal staff (currently accepting applications), as we want to ensure the safest, most enjoyable time for all residents and visitors.

I would like to apply for the Position of Minister of Happiness. My primary duties would including upping the morale of imported labor (YOU WILL BE HAPPY DAMN IT!) and making sure there was enough rum to go around.

I herebye decree all people applying for a job here get it. Furthermore, I am creating a Depatrment of Euphemisms to create job titles for all the new workers. Now that everyone has a job, hit me up with an issue and ill give you the official stance on it. Also, the new country will forever more be known as The Mango Republic. Go out and spread the Mangonian word.

What is the monetary unit of The Mango Republic and what does the flag look like?

Also, what is the Mangonian stance on extradition treaties and money laundering?

What are the laws regarding the kidnapping of gorgeous male actors for use as harem slaves? And can I claim exclusivity on Vin Diesel and James Marsters? I don’t want pepperlandgirl and jarbabyj to try to claim them.

I submit my request to be chairwoman of the Mangonian Beautification Commission. I would:

  • work with DeadlyAccurate and welby to assure that any imported “labor” meet visually pleasing standards.

  • work with picker to assure that all manner of leisure activity centers are landscaped and draped for aesthetics

  • provide Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor with appropriate hats, ruffled shirts, and tight black pants for his crew

  • maintain proper decor for all government offices, complete with fountains and live plants

  • employ a retinue of seamstresses, hairdressers, dietitians, beauty and style consultants for constant on-call emergencies, with their services provided free to Mangonian government employees.


Can I be Overseeer of Homeland Affairs? I would be in charge of dealing with dissenters. Any which speak ill of our leader will be sent to wor…“Happy” camps.

Or can I be your trusted underling, ready to take your place in case anything “unfortunate” comes to pass? I would be extremley trustworthy. In fact, I will call off th coup that’s happening at 0730 Monday.

May I suggest we change the country’s name to “The People’s Democratic Republic of Happiness.” That way, no one would ever suspect anything bad is going on.

Also, I propose an aggresive foreign policy. Those other countries don’t need that land. They’re just wasting it. We need the land for our more important population.

On second thought, I could be your one-man cabinet.

Question. How will our glorious leader come to be? Election? Heredity?

-RandMcnally, faithfully your’s my fearless leader.

{To my own underlings, in Army cammo} (Change of plan, the coup has been rescheduled to next Friday)


If I sign up now can I be on the Olympic swimming team? I’m not going to win a metal or anything. Well I could if we get some of the Brute Squad to help out a bit. You still need people there though, I’ll even pay my own way so as to not bankrupt the country just yet.

ARRRRR! Me hearties!

First we’ll plunder the Spanish Backups, then work our way up to the Spanish Main!

Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor or SuperDuperman: Where do I send my resume to captain my own ship? I’ll be the scurge of the seven seas, arrr. Wait. Was that seven seas or 6 seas and two oceans? Can I borrow the atlas jaydubyasee? This is what I get for buying a compass that doesn’t point north.

I’ll sail as long as the supply of rum holds up.

I would like to know about immigration laws. I live in the states (PA), my husband lives in Canada (BC). Will it cost us money we don’t have to immigrate to the Mango Republic? Firstborn children? Souls, (on the off-chance we have them)? You already seem to have lots of applicants for high level positions, I can’t speak for the husband, but I’d be happy with a 9-5 that pays basic living costs, that I leave at the end of the day so I can actually think about the things I like. Actually, I like working nights better, so make that an 8 (ok, or 10) hour shift, at the time most people would rather not be working. And of course, 2 weeks paid vacation per year and whatever holidays we will observe in the Republic off with pay. I really don’t need much. I don’t think living with your spouse is a lot to ask, is it?