I am currently on top of my wife

Well, kinda. She is on the 7th floor. I am on the 11th.

Today is the first day that my wife and I work for the same company, which means we get to ride to work together (and use the HOV lanes here in Atlanta) and if one of us needs a break, we can sneak away for a walk downtown. We are giddy with the prospect of working together.

I just wanted to share the joy I have in getting to go to work each day with my wife. We will probably not get to work on projects together, but it is still pretty darn neat.

Any other dopers out there work with SO’s?

Yup. I work with my husband some of the time. We are part-time raft guides. I love working with him, and I love being married to a guy who doesn’t object to the odor of stinky river clothes.

Damn straight! I worked with her all weekend!

Oh, wait. You meant work as in paycheck, 9 to 5, cubicle work? Never mind…

My sister is about to take a job working at the same internet start up as her son. He’s 23 yrs old. How cool is that?

Well, she could pay you, you might need some more stamina, and a cubicle isn’t too kinky. I say go for it, Coldfire.

OK, does this mean I can finally take a break from protecting her during working hours?

(Surely you didn’t think I would let that slip by!)

Well, no. My SO, bless her heart, doesn’t even have a job currently, and when she gets one it certainly won’t be in my building.

But since my building is the Coca-Cola tower on North Avenue (16th floor), and you said you work “downtown,” I’m curious to know where. Ga-Pacific? Peachtree Center? Nations- I mean, Bank of America? CNN Center? Maybe we can wave at each other sometime.

My parents have, for the last ten years, done the following :
wake up together every morning, go to work together, work in an office where it is mainly just the two of them, come home together, eat together . . . . you get the trend.

I can only offer two secrets that I have observed.
One, have a hobby. Golf, war movies, oh I dunno. . . pick-up games of basketball.
Two, money helps. I know - duh. See, my mom can now work half days because business is good.

My final piece of bubble gum wisdow to impart is simply - if working together starts to make a strain on the relationship then detect it early and resolve it.

I’m jealous Mullinator! That’s so cool! Congratulations.

Eve, I wouldn’t expect any less of you. I touted your most recent book to someone I ran across in Barnes and Noble this weekend. I’ll let you know where you can send the royalty check.

Five, I am in the Georgia Power building. My office is along the part of the building that goes out farther the higher it goes. I have also worked in the Georgia Pacific building. Cool, a doper mere moments away. Can you send a case of Mello Yello my way?

Geez, I doubt I could even get it myself. It’s not in any of the machines here at the complex that I’ve seen. Does Coke even still make it, or has it been replaced by Surge and Citra? I’m sorry, make that: Surge!

Catchy topic, but as soon as I saw it was Mully’s, I just knew I’d get sucked in.

HA! got under ya…

Now there’s a good setup. You work together, but not TOGETHER. So you can spend the time together, but still have something to talk about at the end of the day. My brother-in-law and wife work in a situation like NothingMan describes, and never talk to each other outside of work… What do they have left to talk about?

The SO and I are both network engineers, but at different companies. It is sooo cool being able to go home and say, “Hon, the day was so rough. A server crashed, we couldn’t get the DHCP back up and running, GWIA was wreaking havoc…” and have him know what I am talking about!

(My friends don’t ask about work anymore. They got tired of giving me blank looks.)

Well, congratulations all. I wish I could be as excited about working together with my SO. I have spent the last
year working with my SO, and now that I’m leaving for my freelance career, I have to say I am happy I don’t have to spend every minute of my time with her (though she would
love it.) It gets to be just a little too much, but hey, different strokes for different folks.