I am going to sleep because I am drunk

The title says it all

that seems like a waste. Why don’t you post something?

It’s pointless and mundane, and I felt like sharing.

I’m feeling much better now, though.

Well, we could turn this into a “What Are You Getting Drunk On Tonight?” thread, I guess.

Me? I’m getting very drunk on large Vodkas with just a smidgen of coke.

Alcohol still scares me from the last time I got drunk. (bad BAD hangover) So I won’t be drinking for quite some time!

Vodka and coke? For some reason that scares me.

Me too. But only because it was what I was drinking last time I was drunk. :smiley:

Vodka and Coke? How on earth can that scare you?

C’mon then Sir, what’s your poison?

I’ll have a comnbination of poisons, so as to better feel their synergistic qualities.

Start me up with some beer. Nice cold beer that’s sipped right out of the bottle.

I’ll follow with something sweet. Rum and coke will do nicely. Add a twist of lemon.

Now that the ball is rolling, a vodka tonic would hit the spot. It’s time to do the dance thing!

It’s time we got to the hard-hitting liquors. Whiskey for me. with soda please.

Ok, I’ll have a scotch now, on the rocks.

Finally, the mother of all inebbriating drinks: TEQUILA. Shots followed be beer, so I can keep the stuff down.

Just to wind down, how about champagne at sunrise, nothing says wild party like champagne at sunrise.

After waking up, drink a bloody mary and reapeat process.

Die soon. Very, very soon.

Amazing post.

I’m drinking vodka straight and eating olives as a chaser.

I’ve eaten a good sized bowl of olives already. Is that bad? Will I regret it? I’ve never done this before.

For real?

Wakimika I just hope you chewed the thouroughly, cuase I’d hate for you to chuck a full olive.

Anyone tried those “hangover preventers” they’re advertising for sale at GNC yet?

If you really want to prevent a hangover, drink lots and lots of water. Hang-overs are basically dehydration and withdrawl. If you are suffering form withdrawl, you must have followed the above recepie for madnes. You should check yourself into a rehab clinic as soon as possible.

To dehydration occurs because not enough water is available for you Krep Cycles. Drinking water ususally solves that.

Absinthe - I wish.

Really, various grades of red wine. Start with the decent stuff and work down as the pallete coarsens.

Chavardz what are my Krep Cycles? (runs off to Google).

Hmmm…thinks a while…

I guess there is a fair chance I’ll probably be having one or two Buds.

The only problem with Bud is that it has never given me a hangover. “Problem?”, I hear you all cry! - Well yes, because there is no negative feedback and therefor no reason to “throttle back” unlike single malt whiskeys which I also love but have had many a headache in the morning and thus limit my consumption.

Strangely enough, the drink that has consistently given me a hangover (and I mean BIG hangovers) is Kaliber! (for those that don’t know Kaliber is a non-alcholic drink brewed by Guiness) - must be the chemicals