I am jobless no longer!

The title pretty much sums everything up.

As some of you know, I signed up with a temp agency so that I have the flexibility to travel and because I’m not really sure what I want to do. Well I think my interviewer for the agency liked me so much that she passed my resume to the manager for an in-house position. I looked over the position description, went in for an interview and I got the call from the manager saying that they’d love to welcome me aboard!

I think this is the perfect thing for me right now. After doing food service for most of my life, I’ve been longing for a nice office job to learn new skills that would be applicable to a career path I might take in the future. And after the probationary period, I get full benefits! I’ve never had a job that came with benefits! And even though I won’t have the flexibility I initially wanted, I think this is a good thing for me. Setting down some roots seems so right somehow.

This is exciting! I’m going shopping tomorrow for more work clothes since I have to dress up a bit more than jeans and a t-shirt at work. Yay I am no longer a bum! I can finally pitch in for bills at home* and pay back loans!

Life is good now. Oohhh baby.
*For those of you who didn’t read my other thread, I worked at my mother’s restaurant pretty much most of my life. My mom just sold the restaurant and as a reward, I’ve been living at home rent- and bill-free while I’ve been helping around the house and traveling.

Yay! Congrats on the new job! That’s awesome… And happy shopping tomorrow :slight_smile:

Congratulations. Wishing you luck and joy in your new career!

Congrats! Enjoy!


Wonderful! What kind of work is the new job? Isn’t it great to get that kind of positive feedback? I just got renewed for another term on the project I’ve been working and they’ve been saying nice things about me. :o

Wow, congratulations on the renewal! Isn’t it great to get that positive reinforcement?

And I’m officially an Office Coordinator. So I’m an office monkey answering phones, doing product number maintenance, scheduling appointments and such. It makes me happy because I feel it’s a nice slow progression after my whirlwind life up until now. It would be nice to have a job where I can learn things and really get to know the computer software and enjoy my environment. When I went to the office, the atmosphere seemed really laidback and the co-workers there are really nice. I hope that this is a good fit!

Hoorah for you! Benefits are nice to have!

In case anyone wanted an update, the job is FABULOUS! My boss is awesome and my co-workers are so nice and helpful! The job is challenging, but won’t drive me nuts. And the cherry on top is I get to chat with the SO through gchat and I get to read the Dope when I’m finished with all my work.

I. Am. So. Happy.

Congrats on the great job. If winning the lottery didn’t work out for you, having a job you enjoy is always a close second.

SSG Schwartz

Gratz! :)^n

Good show, Penchan.

Any job where you can read the Dope in your spare time is a good job! Congrats, and I hope it continues to be as great as it is right now!