I am leaving SDMB

I have given it some thought and I have came to the conclusion that I am leaving this message board. I have only been here for a few months and I have gained some knowledge from it. But I feel that it is holding me back from doing God’s will in my life. I have tried to witness but to no avail. If this is not so well then :slight_smile: aweosme stick with it. But I hear that still, small, voice inside saying to move on. (jokes …yea) I am a Christian. I am not sure what God has for my life and I hope I figure it out soon because it is a hard place to be in when you do not know. I love each and every member of this board and I will pray for you all. :slight_smile: Thank you for your time.

(last things before i go)

Polycarp: dont settle with where your at…there is so much more. please.

MEB…nice website. As to the secular humanism I am in disagreement with you.

Esprix: Listen with a small voice.

Cynic: You have alot of knowledge, and with all your best efforts I dont really think you are cynical…just lead differently. Good luck in MN…

Trom: Know with what you know dickey.

His4Ever: I respect for not waivering in your beliefs.

Ben: God happens, even in an open system.

Cecil Adams/Ed(I think): Please keep an open mind.

The rest: Jesus Bless. :slight_smile:

A closed mind is nobodies business, move along.

Cheers & goodluck :slight_smile:

Well, with your SN, I guess it was pretty much inevitable, huh?

Just because I’m a curious guy like that, Nomadic_One, why the lack of praise for others who were similarly unwavering in their beliefs as H4E was?

So since you’ve realized you can’t convert anyone here to your religion, you’re leaving? That was your sole purpose on this message board? Trying to bring the shining light of God’s good graces to us wicked heathens?

If so, good riddance, and don’t let the door hit your cross on the way out.

What, neutron star, god’s never told you you’re spending too much time online? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Luck :slight_smile:

Well, I prayed for guidance on the issue and asked for some kind of sign that I was on the right path, but so far all God has given me is a job with Internet access and a home ADSL line. I took that to mean he wants me to spend more time online, so I adjusted my life accordingly.

God told be something like that once, but I think it’s cause I was kicking his ass in CounterStrike.

I’m not trying to put words in Nomadic One’s mouth, but as I review his post, I wonder if neutron star is right that he’d come here to fish for converts. If so, I think it’s too bad he thinks his religion prohibits him from interacting with people who don’t agree with him.

Nomadic_One, I am curious as to why you felt it necessary to announce your departure, why not just shake the cyber-sand from your sandals and move quietly on?

In my experience, that is exactly what ‘trying to witness’ means when you hear it from an evangelical Christian.

Me, I’d love to know what this means:

C’mon Nomadic_One, I know you said you’re leaving, but given that Polycarp is probably the most universally respected poster on the board, I think it is terribly important that you give us some specifics here; what is he missing out on?

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! And good luck. :slight_smile:

Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!
haw haw
Bye! Whoever you are!

Good luck, Nomadic_One!

I don’t know you or your posts that well, but if you need to email someone, I am here. :slight_smile:

Mangetout, that’s between him, Polycarp, and God. I am sure Poly knows what he is talking about. I hope you understand.


Nomadic One–

Some parting advice-- there is no god, so stop deluding yourself. You will be far happier, and might be able to live a fulfilling life if you can come to accept this. Otherwise, you are damned to the non-existent hell that you and your dangerous ilk have imagined.

Good luck!

(and I SERIOUSLY mean this in only the nicest, most loving and caring way.)

I’m afraid I’m a bit disappointed that he didn’t respond to my response to him on belief in Christ and acceptance of evolution.

I wonder why it is that some people expect seem me to expect me to throw over my experience and, such as it is, knowledge of God just because they tell me it’s wrong.

Nomadic_One, I’m regret that you cannot accept that we are not what you want us to be, but I am not willing to change just because it suits you. I need stronger reasons.


Man, I always get left off the ‘helpful suggestions’ lists.

I suck.

Jonathan Chance, God wants you to give all of your money to me.

Really, he told me.