The Closure of the "Father Solanus Casey Was A Living Saint Thread"

This is the thread I am referring to:

I don’t agree with it being closed. Basically it seems exactly to be
“Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share”

It was in GD, I was going to move it but decided to closed it instead.

He’s started a lot of weird rambling threads this weekend.

What, exactly, is witnessing?

As far as I know, nobody ever checks on these ‘miracles’ - the Catholic Church just announces them decades afterwards.

He says “If you’re ever ill or in distress, and you’re in Detroit, go to his now-enshrined tomb. I did once at a dark point in my life. And now I’m much better!”

If a poster here wants to talk about his religious experiences he should be able to.

This is pretty much the definition of witnessing. I don’t get the closure either.

IANA Catholic, I thought the process involved a Devil’s Advocate whose duty it was to disprove the miracles. When Catherine Drexel (she has a local college named after her among other things) was named a saint, the Pope followed that procdure IIRC.

It looked like a long rambling post without any point to me.

That’s what witnessing is to us non-believers. But we have forum here that specifically permits it. Let him witness.

I’ve seen witnessing, its not usually a pointless blog like post.

I’m not relenting. Partially as this poster is a problematic poster.

While we allow witnessing, we don’t allow blogging.

So I have a proposal… If a poster finds the topic interesting, is it a problem to create a new thread in the appropriate location that’s not a rambling word salad, but on the same subject?

I am not volunteering because I don’t have either the interest or knowledge of the subject to do that. Just as a hypothetical.

I forgot to address the OP.

It’s rambling no question. But it sure reads like witnessing to me. I disagree with the closing

In that case, it should easy to cite his problematic behavior that violates a rule. Instead, he is just ambiguously a problem to be dispensed with by any means necessary. Bad show, says I.

As I said witnessing is allowed.

Rambing blog posts not so much.

So a thread witnessing could easily be started.

Didn’t he tell us the other day that he’s “skeptical”?

Was that his rambling poltergeist thread?

Yes it was.

The poster has recently posted several religious, quasi-witnessing threads, like the closed one, and the “Flos Carmeli” thread back in May. In that one, he said:

But, a week ago, he started a thread to ask about a religious symbol (apparently a mariners’ cross), in which he said:

And, now, today, he’s very religious again. Either his deep faith varies wildly by the day, he’s just plain weird, and/or he’s engaging in provocative posting to elicit reactions. Regardless, “problematic” is an apt description.

I’m confused. The preview window shows it being in MPSIMS, but when I click on it, I see the (closed) thread in GD.

He started it in GD, I moved it to MPSIMS then decided to close it.

After this thread started I moved it back to GD.

Honestly I’m quite shocked this started anything at all considering the poster.

I closed a mess of an OP before it got going. An OP by a very problematic and rambling poster.