I am moderately disappointed.

I am just ever so slightly peeved; when we have a religious debate in GD (i.e. a logical debate about some detail, rather than ‘does God exist?’); I find it marginally annoying when somebody pipes up ‘yeah, well that’s because there is no God!’ or ‘It’s all a silly myth’.

For example; it was mildly bothersome in this thread and in this thread, it was almost significantly vexatious.

My sincere apologies for the strong language.

That is annoying. The younger brother of that sort of thing is when there’s a thread entitles “Which PS2 Game Should I Buy?” and some clown has to tell people how much the PS2 sucks.

“There are two groups of people in the world: those who divide the world into two groups of people, and…” :wink:

Seriously, while the majority of GD participants seem inclined to debate – to advance their opinions by the support of arguments founded on data – the world seems “blessed” with a wide range of people who are convinced that their opinions are therefore irrefutable fact.

This is particularly perturbing when their grasp of history and of schools of thought is as shaky as it usually seems to be.

Thank you, Mangetout for your tenacious defense of logical debate.

The offense you mention is one that also CHAPS MY FUCKING ASS. It displays a retarded disregard for premises, and I daresay, logical entailment.

If I start a debate on: “If I trisect an angle with straightedge and compass, will I be famous?”; it’s pointless, nay abso-fucking-lutely lacking all semantic content, to point out that I can’t trisect the angle anyway.

In logical terms, we’re debating a counterpossible conditional. Oh, don’t worry, I get your point: the question doesn’t matter. But you’re wrong. Consider:

“If I found a way to trisect an angle with straightedge and compass, would I become a famous mathematician?”, and

“If I found a way to trisect an angle with straightedge and compass, would the Detroit Lions win the Superbowl?”

It is an impoverished logical worldview that pretends that those two questions are equivalent.

I mean, fuck, people, fuck.

Sorry, I’m at work and I think I’d get in trouble if I did that now.

And the be-zitted shut-in slightly older cousin of that younger brother are PCheads stumbling drunkenly into a Mac-centered discussion, and vice versa. That whole family tree needs to be cut down, the stump dynamited and burned, and the earth where it stood sown with salt.

Praise Whoever and pass the fucking ammo! Amen.

I love it when you talk dirty.

Or, as my good friend once told me in all seriousness, “I guess your just one of those people who has to label everyone.”

Hey Miller, I just went down to Staples and picked up some labels for my file folders and whatnot; do you want some? :slight_smile: