I am so bored right now...

I decided not to go out tonight (too many people, too many drunks).

I’m sipping Powers Irish Whiskey with my window open listening to the street sounds outside (first time since the fall).

I just watched the current episode of Southland (very good).

I have a Spenser novel on my iPhone (Valediction) to read, but don’t much feel like reading.

It’s spring break, so no homework.

I’m selling my motorcycle, and need to wash every square inch and do a little maintenance before hand, but the whiskey tells me not to.

I could write, I have a few stories bouncing in my head.


I don’t know what to do. Being St. Paddy’s day, I guess I could call my Dad and plan our Ireland vacation for the coming June.

What is everyone doing to pass the time?

Does anyone actually observe Saint Patrick’s day as a Catholic saint’s day?

ETA: after spending two days cleaning out my mother’s apartment after her move to a nursing home, I’m content to lie in bed and stare at the ceiling.

I just let chatroulette.com. There’s a thread about it in MPSIMS right now. It’s worth checking out.

Missus Coder and I went out to dinner with our son. Today’s his birthday.

If you like jigsaw puzzles, check out jigzone.com. It’s a whole gallery of different images, and a raft of different patterns you can select, from easy to “You’ll be there for half an hour or more”.

I read this as “Powdered Irish whiskey” and was thinking that was one of the worst things I had ever heard of.

I’m skipping the bar part for the first time in years as well, as part of a healthier lifestyle deal. I did buy a Corned beef, mostly I love corned beef and it is a loss leader around this time a year, but I forgot to thaw it so it is still sitting in my freezer.

I’m reminiscing about the St. Pat’s eve when a very drunk high school teacher with a very Italian name sexually assaulted my sixteen-year-old daughter on the street and used the fact that he was celebrating the holiday as his excuse in court!

I’m talking to some random kid that got bored and sent a text to my phone, as a way to avoid chores. We’re discussing books now. It’s… something. It stopped being so amusing when he/she asked if there’s a wizard of oz book (we were talking about Wicked, and the point of it seems to have been missed).

I’m with you on that one. I’m having wicked allergies and I don’t think I would be much fun out tonight turning everyone’s beer green… I guess the only way I’m passing my time right now (while avoiding Political Science) is here on the old SDMB.

Have you been to Ireland before?

Yep, I’ve been over 3 times now. I absolutely love it (especially the driving). My hope is to rent a motorcycle on the next trip, but we’ll see.