I am so sick of SEX threads in MPSIMS I could puke.

Whats with the rash of sex threads? What do guys like, what do women like, what feels best, is oral sex sex? ect ect ect… MY god that SHIT GROWS OLD!!


I’m tired of teenagers posting on this topic! Go ask your peers what they think. The majority of us are NOT your peers!

disregard my sig… it is not included. :wink:

At least it’s not a rash of rash threads. Count your blessings.

I don’t mind the sex topics so much.

What I’m tired of is the “ultra sick topic” threads that seem to be taken so lightly. Like “munging”, “squicking”, “felching”, “scatology”, “cannibalistic homosexual necro-pedophiles”, etc. I’m not a Net Nanny, and I’m not going to tell people to stop talking about them.

But can we ask ourselves - do we really need these things to come up as topics nearly every day in the SDMB and in the #straightdope chat?

Just asking’. Sometimes these things really bother me.

I read a couple, thinking, silly me, that since this site was of “Straight Dope” readers, that there’d be an intellectual tangent on it. Stopped reading after some such drivel as one poster asking the rest of the group if he should allow his g/f (another poster) to perform some particular sex act. Geez. get a life first, please. I assume he really wasn’t taking a poll (pardon the pun) to decide, just wanted to extend his masculine ego a little wide.

I’m begining to think that the “count” under each name lends itself to this mindless nonesense (hence the “what should I post for my 500th post”) stuff and all the adolescent wanderings as well. oh well. so, I just scan the Great Debates and occasionally just “new posts” don’t bother with most of the BBQ pit threads.

I’m not against sex or profanity, just prefer the sex in person, thank you, don’t particularly care to hear about anyone else’s practices (and the goat hasn’t asked yet), and have found more ways to express myself than “fuck” every other word (My son did that when he was 6 and thought it was charming. he’s since matured…).

but, if others want to play in the sand box, let 'em, just don’t bother reading the threads that start with “Should my girlfriend F*** my best friend in front of me?” et al.

my 19cents (adjusted for inflation)

I agree. But you’ll find the answer most given is if you don’t like the thread topic then don’t read the thread. These topics come in cycles. About every 6 weeks they start again. Mostly for shock value I believe, with everyone asking why would someone want to share something like that on the internet.
The good thing about it is, it takes less time to read the board because most people who have already seen the thread topics posted before skip them. The newer members, having not be subjected to the topics will post.
This too will pass.

Whammo, are you saying you want the sex threads more evenly distributed throughout all the forums?

Hey, I’m a teenager, and how many of these threads have I posted to or started? I have posted to some, and I have made sexual innuendos; but hey, we all do (Or most of us).

Actually, I’ve noticed the majority of sex threads are started and posted to by older people. Don’t blame us teens; We’re the scapegoats for enough things already.

Hey. At least they aren’t party posts. I get pretty tired of those.

What? Did sex suddenly become something we can’t talk about? Not a subject of inquiry or interest?

As George Carlin put it, “Half of you are going to go home and go down on each other, so let’s not pretend something I said was disgusting.”

matt, go ahead and have a thread about sex - like I said, I’m not a prude, which is why I opened some of them in the first place. I was just hoping for a more intellectual discussion than I would have heard back in the dorms during a drunken frat party, that’s all. So, I politely closed the thread without commenting and went on my merry way.

and I routinely skip the other threads that hold less than zero interest for me (the things relating to "what if Star Trek or X-men were real ) I’ve raised a male child and used to speak fluent X-men etc., but would rather not thse days. Again, I don’t personally sweat it if some one wants to post these topics and they certainly generate interest/replies. It does seem a bit juvenile, given the group, that’s all - I mean it’d be like walking into the room with Al Einstein and his cronnies and find out they’re comparing boogers…

to each his own…

::taking big deep breath::
Sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex…
Iiiii likkkkke sex sex sex sex…
Oraaaaall sex sex sex sex sex…
Now I just need to find some…

True enough, though.

Well, if you think about it, most of it is, as was stated in the OP, in MPSIMS. Mundane Pointless Stuff… etc. And I can’t think of much more pointless than some of these peoples’ sex lives.

9.3 Hammy. That was pure acid!

You got the name Whammo and you’re sick of sex talk? Yeah right.

I think whammo is trying to copy TC’s topic about “Ask the…” threads.

Whammo, sometimes you can get tired and feel a bit out of your depth in GD. MPSIMS and IMHO are 2 great places to meet more people who have the same interests as you and are excellent places to meet people who have totally different views on things than you do. Ignorance doesnt begin on major topics, but on the little things you always took for granted.

If you dont like sex threads, dont post.
and if you think that we’re all teenagers in MPSIMS, your pretty wrong. In fact, any of the teenagers we do get are pretty smart and have a lot to say (like Yue Han, I think he’s a teenager)

If you dont like MPSIMS the way it is, there’s a saying the French have,

“Tough Shit”

Neither you nor I can alter whet other people want to talk about, so just stick to what you want to read and everything will be rosy.

I would just like to add that I am sick of “I’m so sick of blah blah blah” threads.