I am spinning at Opium Den NYC

Hey, I don’t know if anyone here is interested or not, but I’ll be spinning at Opium Den, I’ll be playing beat oriented darker electronic stuff, but nothing really clubby, just laid back lounge oriented stuff with a bit of an edge to it.

bands I like to play:
Boards of Canada
Amon Tobin
Anyway, if you’re interested stop by. It’s on 3rd Street @ 2nd Ave, it has an orange butterfly over the door.


shpongle are fuckin wicked…
pretty hard to get there from down here tho:0

Have you seen Minnie? She’s tall and skinny—has she been there, kicking the gong around?

Well, just tell her Smokey Joe was here and had to go . . .

I always get the spins at opium dens.