I am the “Spaghetti Muncher”?

Well at least according to the Vice President at work. At some point since I returned from maternity leave a couple of months ago I have become “Spaghetti Muncher”.

Not really sure why. Nobody else calls me “Spaghetti Muncher”. I don’t eat spaghetti at work (way to messy). Nor do I talk about spaghetti at work, although if asked I will rave about this fantastic Thai restaurant on Lygon St.

On the bright side I always know who it is on the phone now – he is one of those people that never identifies themselves on the phone. His “G’day Spaghetti Muncher” tells me everything.

But Spaghetti Muncher…… :confused:

Don’t know how I feel about this situation. Maybe I should start a ‘ask the spaghetti muncher’ thread so I can earn my new nick.

That sounds… vaguely naughty. Although, that’s probably just my gutter brain making the obvious connection.

You aren’t the only person in the building with some Italian blood in you, perhaps? Or even just a sort of Italian sounding last name? First name? Middle initial?

Maybe he thinks all mothers of infants/toddlers are big spaghetti eaters?


(Perchance he’s even making that “Christopher Columbus brought spaghetti from China to Italy” thing, and the telling characteristic is Chinese instead of Italian?)

Yeah, sounds like they’re alluding to Italian connections there, leechbabe. If someone said that over here, there’d be problems … how weird.

I take it from the post that you`re a straight female. No sexual connotations from that angle.

I give up too.

Just ask the goof what the hell that means…

I was going to post something witty, and make funny references to my username. But I’m just as confuzzled as the OP.


Are you absolutely sure your workplace isn’t just a really long drawn out reality TV version of candid Camera? It is far too weird to not be running on some cable channel somewhere.

It is a term flung about in the school yard for those of italian extraction, my guess it is your first name he is landing on. However it is an offensive term and you really should ask him to stop even if you are not offended by it as he has missed the mark.

Yup, Leech sounds italian to me.

Technically my first name is of Spanish origin (well that is what my mum told me so it must be true) - Marita, means ‘little Mary’.

I don’t think I look Italian or anything but then this is the same guy who dropped his pants to show everyone at a meeting the new tattoo on his butt. So possibly it is a clueless insult of some kind.

Y’know, some folks get pregnant from eating spaghetti. Bet he thinks that’s what happened to you.

Maybe you’ve been talking in an exaggerated Chico Marx-type accent? You know - “atsa spicy meata ball”; that kind of thing? Maybe …?

Ah. See, this was important, relevant information. The man is a whackadoo. No further thought need be given to the matter.


The guy’s a VP? Is the head o’ the company his direct blood relative, or does he have some good blackmail material, or something?

Please, in the name of all that is decent tell me he wasn’t wearing thong underwear ::shudder::

He is very good salesman - which includes an ability to sell himself to others.

Ayesha I don’t know what sort of underwear he had on, I walked out of the room as soon as I realised his intentions.

He’s lives in Melbourne and gets around calling people spaghetti muncher?!!? Someones going to get offended sooner or later and do something nasty to him.
He might be one of those people that has a different view on PC (Stir everyone equally and there is no discrimination) and is not trying to be offensive, ask where he got “spaghetti muncher” from, tell him he’s an idiot “Sam Newman style”, and inform him that your background is spanish

Whats the name of that restaurant in lygon street? Another one to check out next time I’m over there!! Cafe trevi was always my favourite, the best gnocci calabrese EVER!

Restaurant in Lygon St is called the ThaiNee - and it is tiny. You HAVE to book or get take-out. It isn’t in the Lygon St restaurant strip but about 10 minutes further up Lygon St on the number 1 or 22 tram.

Tell you what lurksfromwork let us know next time you are heading over this way I’m sure we could arrange a Thai/MelDope for you.

I spoke to the VP (Finally) he said he remembers talking about spaghetti with me, I don’t remember it and think he probably has me confused with someone else. He is going to try and stop it.

They’re the trams i used to catch to work everyday!! Ahh…memories of Melbourne…

ThaiNee sounds familiar, I used to live near that area (Thornbury) but not sure if I’ve been there. I’ve still got friends that live nearby. I’ll ask them if we ever hit that joint.

Thai/meldope…what i wouldn’t give for a week in melbourne (it would probably be my liver)

As for the VP, success, happy ending

I am really glad you talked to him and got to the bottom (sorry) of it Leechy, that was driving me nuts!

I will throw in my recommendation for Thai Nee too… and the cafe down the road from there for dessert and coffee. Toblerone cheesecake. Enough said

All that buildup and it was a nice simple explanation. I love it when things work out.

Plus now I’m hungry.

Would have been good if I could have worked up the guts to ask him sooner. I am such a woose.