I apologize to Dex and to the board

I gave the impression of Junior Modding, which is a violation of board rules. I will do my best to avoid that sort of misunderstanding in the future.

Some reason you couldn’t post this in the original thread? Or have you not been getting enough attention lately?

Try to keep up, QED. The post that brought the warning belonged in the Pit since it suggested the admins’ refusal to consider requests - feasible, reasonable or not - was stock. I thought it mildly humorous. The back and forth and faux grovel? Stock.

OK, I’m pointing and I’m laughing.

You did the same thing here:

I thought it was going to be your “New thing”. Sarcastic junior modding is the new Veranda fonts, you hepcats.

I really don’t get it. What’s with the snarkiness? I see it on the board a lot, mostly turned on certain people like Liberal. It just irritates the hell out of me because I don’t have the backstory and it makes you (QED) look like a jerk.

Oh, eat shit.

There are no other people like Liberal. :wink:

No thanks. When you are full of something, you’re not really obligated to offer it around, particularly when it’s shit that you’re full off.

Really. What is the point of this? Why not just answer Anduril’s question if you feel so strongly about it?

I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. **QED **thinks **Liberal **is an attention whore. Lots of people around here do. I don’t see why he should have to explain the backstory to you. And snarkiness in the Pit? Why, I never…!

I thought he was answering, but on a higher meta-level. The question was, what is the point of the snarkiness? But snarkinees has its own point, which is that it is.

And we’ve reached that point in the SDMB already. The purpose of snarkiness is snarkiness. If you want a vision of the future of the Pit, imagine snarkiness at random targets - forever.

Who has reached the ultimate victory over himself - he loves the Moderators

What misunderstanding?

Whoah, Shodan, whoah. That’s soooo deep, man. :cool:

Have you ever really looked - I mean really looked - at your hand?

And do we have any Chee-tos left?


Because it was a stupid question? See also: John Mace’s post (Shodan’s as well, to some degree)

And I feel less “so strongly about it” and more “Meh. Whatever.”, with just a sprinkling of “Lib is a whiny attention whore, so who gives a shit if people want to make bitchy comments at his expense?” Apparently, Anduril does. How sweet.

Lots of people around here are attention whores. So? What are you going to do about it, ban anyone who posts more than 15.09 posts per day?

I’m not going to do anything about it. in fact, I didn’t even weigh in on the subject, I just pointed out what should have been obvious from reading QED’s post. And I don’t think anyone has proposed banning attention whores. Besides, it’s not the number of posts that foretell attnetion whoredom, it’s the content of the posts themselves.

Why isn’t this thread about me? :confused:

I can totally see how Lib misunderstood the rules about junior modding after nearly eight years, over 30,000 posts, and numerous run-ins with the mods and admins.