I ate a cricket

More than one, actually.

Crick-Ettes Salt N Vinegar crickets.

Rather expensive for what you get, but now I can say I’ve eaten a cricket. They taste a bit like sunflower or pumpkin seeds.

Let us know if you have any urges to rub your legs together as a mating call.

Why did I suddenly get an image of the guy with two penises?

For gods sake man, the test was to start a fire by rubbing two STICKS together.:eek:


During cicada season, we caught and boiled up a cicada, and I would describe the flavor similarly: nutty, although with a bit of a grassy and canned asparagus note to it. Pretty tasty, actually. Would be interested what they’d be like fried up.

Ick. I went to Purdue, which has the Bug Bowl every spring. Events include the famous Cricket Spitting Contest, the winner of which used to get to be on Letterman.

So I have spat crickets (not very far), and eaten them. And ants. And mealworms.

You didn’t need a conscience, anyway.

I’m no fool
No, siree!
I’m gonna live to be…


I’ve had grasshoppers (taste like nuts), baby bees, chocolate-covered ants, rattle snake, crocodile steaks, and an assortment of other delicacies. Loved them all.

My dad used to catch grasshoppers and stick 'em on the tines of the barbed wire fence, so they’d get nice and toasty in the sunlight.

I never had the nerve to try it…

THey didn’t taste “Just like Chicken?”

The Salt & Vinegar are pretty good, but stay away from the sour cream and onion.

You can get a pound of them for about five bucks on just about any street in southern Mexico. They cook them with garlic and lime, they’re awesome.

I ate some pumpkin seeds last week. I’m told they taste like crickets. So now I don’t have to eat bugs to experience that flavor.

Where’s Mangetout? He should be in this thread.

Yes you do. Suppose JohnnyLA was fibbing? There really is only one way to know for sure…:smiley:
Fried grasshoppers taste sort of like crunchy peanut butter, ants are tangy (probably from the formic acid).
I really want to try escamole, but that’ll have to wait until my next Mexico trip.
I’m still not sure if I’m brave enough to try live mopane worms though.

Is there anything Mexicans won’t cook with garlic and lime? Not complainin’; just sayin’. :slight_smile:

When talking about eating bugs like crickets, I always imagine getting the legs stuck between my teeth.

I first saw this on tv on some kind of nature show, I think it was - gnat swarm burgers! This African place gets immense swarms of gnats every year, so they do what humans always do - they eat them. :slight_smile: They’re an excellent source of protein, apparently.

That’s snakes, not crickets.