I ate yak last night.

Last night my napkin-wearing SO and I went to Everest on Grand (gotta love the website address) which is a Nepali/Tibetan restaurant in town. After perusing the menu, I decided to get the yak keema which was ground yak beef mixed with onions, potatoes, and some other stuff I’m not sure of. I ordered it spicy which was a little unfortunate as I couldn’t discern the difference too much between yak and regular hamburger except that it tasted a bit sweeter.

We talked about exotic animals that we’ve eaten and he has had squirrel (in South Carolina) and beaver (in Canada).

Anyone have some exotic or odd animal vittles?

What guy hasn’t eaten beaver? :eek: :wink:

When I saw the title, my first thought was, “Did you need a spoon?” :eek:

Enough smartassed responses. The most exotic I’ve had were rattlesnake (chickeny, but way too many bones), and an alligator poboy in Nawlins…

Is that the place right accross the street from Kowalski’s?

Yup, right across from Kowalski’s. It’s a busy little joint (even at 8:30pm)

I this some strange sexual euphamism?
If so, I really, really wanna know about it. :wink: :smiley:

Oh damn. I was hoping for recipes! We’re presently looking for property and I will hopefully have a few yak in a couple years.

Not all that uncommon, but I once ate squid. Then I yakked.

Beaver (yeah, both kinds), rattlesnake, deer, caribou, bear (pretty gamy), turtle, bluefin crab, turkey (the wild kind, not the supermarket kind), beetle, cockroach, common worms (a little squirmy), goat, fish of all sorts, a spot of dog and cat, and I believe I was once served camel, but I can’t confirm or deny it solely because I just don’t know.

Yes, dog and cat. That, I could confirm. Meow.

The benefits of worldwide travel include the benefits of a worldwide menu.

Alligator sausage, Ostrich sausage, Kangaroo sausage, and Bison steak. The only one I liked was the Bison. The alligator sausage really stunk up the house! Check out Seattle’s Finest Exotic Meats if you’re interested in trying out some unusual meats by mailorder. I have no affiliation with them and, like I said, I personally didn’t care for most of what I got from them. But it was fun experimenting.

Strangest thing I’ve ever eaten is raccoon. Back in college, the roommates had gone out huntin’ and shootin’ and the best they ended up with was a raccoon. I had just enough to verify that it did, in fact, taste like chicken.


A whale steak for me, in Norway. I felt a little like a cannibal. It tasted like salty steak, IIRC.

Was it as good as gnu?

Sounds like a town in Washington.

Sorry, I’m not very adventurous when it comes to meat. I’ve had buffalo burgers in Boulder CO, gator in Tampa FL, and rattlesnake in Nawlin’s, but that’s about it.

I couldn’t even choke down the Lengue en salsa verde yesterday, knowing it was tongue. I can eat just about every other part of a cow, but I just can’t eat tongue, or any other part of the alimentary canal of any animal. :eek:

Heck, I would eat mountain oysters before I ate tongue.

The most exotic things I ever ate were zebra and kudu.

Zebra steak is fantastic.

I’ve had ostrich and crocodile as well, but that’s almost supermarket stuff these days.

Sol, Sol, Sol. You’re letting a solid fact get in the way of a good smartassed retort… In all fairness, I should have included the girls, too. :wink:

Bug, I’ve had beef tongue, and liked it. My Mom used to make beef tongue when I was a kid, and it tasted to me like good corned beef, so it never occured to me to consider it exotic.

I ate Pferdewurst (Horse Sausage).
The meat seemed awfully sweet, not that great IMHO.

I’ve eaten dugong. Very much like veal.

And turtle as well, but the fat on the turtle was green, which was a bit off putting.