I begin to suspect author Hunter Fox has issues

Hunter Fox has e-books on Kindle. I give you a sampling of his oeuvre:

  1. A Billionaire Dinosaur Forced Me Gay
  2. Dark Fantasy Beasts Forced Me Gay
  3. Legendary Beasts Made Me Gay
  4. Forced Gay By The School Mascot
  5. Sea Monsters Made Me Gay
  6. Forced Gay By Aliens
  7. RoboHound Forced Me Gay
  8. Turned Gay by the Basketball Team
  9. Robots Forced Me Gay
  10. Pegasus Forced Me Gay
  11. Turned Gay By An Orc
  12. Cyclops Forced Me Gay
  13. Alien Tentacles Forced Me Gay
  14. Tentacles Made Me Gay
  15. Sphinx Turned Me Gay
  16. Wild Beasts Forced Me Gay
  17. Yetti Forced Me Gay
  18. Mythological Beasts Turned Me Gay
  19. Woolly Mammoth Made Me Gay
  20. Turned Gay By Dinosaurs
  21. Unicorn Forced Me Gay
  22. Turned Gay By The Troll King
  23. Alien Hound Turned Me Gay
  24. Turned Gay By Beasts
  25. Dark Beasts Forced Me Gay
  26. Dark Pegasus Made Me Gay
  27. T-Rex Forced Me Gay
  28. Turned Gay By Spinosaurus
  29. T-Rex Made Me Gay
  30. A Dragon Forced Me Gay
  31. Triceratops Forced Me Gay
  32. Dragaconda Forced Me Gay
  33. Hell’s Guard Forced Me Gay
  34. Pterodactyl Turned Me Gay
    I’m disappointed there’s no 2-for-1 deal to be forced gay by Pegasus AND Dark Pegasus.

And I have to say that given all the other options, being forced gay by the school mascot seems positively tame.

The reviews for some of them are even better.

You’ve got to admit, the guy’s prolific if nothing else.

Or his word processor has a Find-and-Replace function.

I gather this is a niche of some sort.

And maybe a few other sorts, too.

Any of these could be Wesley Willis lyrics. Or possibly Anal Cunt. RIP both…

He isn’t alone. There is of course, a burgeoning dinosaur porn fiction canon out there. Also my favorite Rule 34 reference: google “dragons fucking cars.” And I’ll bet this guy’s bank account will make you weep.

At least they didn’t eat your ice cream.

Okay, I’ll agree that probably seems the best choice of the options given.

And I think we can all agree that being forced to be gay by a unicorn would be the worst.

If unicorns are equipped like horses, and wooly mammoths are equipped like elephants, I might have to disagree.

Unicorns at least have rainbows and glitter while mammoths are all about eating their vegetables.

Kinda weird (well, just one weird thing out of many, I guess) how many are just slight variations. There’s a “Pegasus” and a “Dark Pegasus”. “Tentacles” and “Alien Tentacles”. "Robohound’ and “Alienhound”. etc.

Also, I’m usually the last person to criticize someone else’s poor grammar, but something about the phrase “Forced me Gay” is like nails on a chalkboard for my brain for some reason.

In case anyone hasn’t clicked on this yet, the review by “M. Bolay” is really, truly worth reading.

One presumes “Mythological Beasts Turned Me Gay” is a best-off opus ?

What does the Fox say?

This is a real thing? I figured from the titles that they were children’s books, done in a style like Barney. Maybe the books are meant to be warnings to children to not be “forced gay” by everyday temptations such as dinos, dark pegasusses (pegasi?) and whatnot, and to help them lead good Christian lives.

People read this? And enjoy it? Dinosex? Let alone that the “dinosaurs have gained control of the world economy due to exceptionally accurate stock predictions.” Who knew they were that smart? Or not extinct?
“It includes- Rough sex, dubcon, oral, cream pies and more!” I know what the first is, the third is obvious, but I have no idea about the other two (and the “more!” frightens me) and I’m not sure I want to.

I guess I’ve been sheltered.

Last book of the series: “God Forced Me Gay”

Dubcon is short for dubious consent (which in my world means nonconsensual). If they mean what I think they mean by cream pies, they’re gross.


Nah, I figure it’ll be “Turns Out I’m Just Gay” :slight_smile:

Next up is a musical:

What Forced the Fox Gay?

People are really split on whether he writes better under the name Hunter Fox or under the name Orson Scott Card.

Chuck Norris turns dinosaurs gay.

I’m a little distressed to learn that the entire selection of Hunter Fox works has inspired a singular question in me: Did dinosaurs have penises?

Am I going to have to read “T-Rex Forced Me Gay” to find out? Because Hunter Fox seems like he would know.