I believe you have my stapler . . . I'll set the building on fire . . .

Since everyone in the “What movie should I rent” thread liked Office Space so much, just for grins:

“PC load letter?!” What the fuck does that mean?

And my favorite, Peter checking his messages: “Yeah, (beep) Yeah, (beep) Yeah, Peter (beep) Yeah, this is Bill Lumbergh . . .”

The most hilarious scene to me was when Peter was having the nightmare about Lumbergh having sex with his girlfriend – naked, drinking his coffee, saying things like “Yeah, great. Terrific.” You definitely had to be there to know what the hell I’m talking about.

I love this movie! I actually changed one of my passwords to “Milton” temporarily after I saw it! I feel like him around here sometimes! My husband and I got tickled the other day when we were eating out at a restaurant because our waiter had several buttons and pins on his uniform. I really wanted to stop him and say, “Um, Scott, I see you’re only wearing 7 pieces of flair. You know, I can get a cheeseburger anywear but I came to Applebee’s for the flair. You want to express yourself, don’t you?” but my hubby wouldn’t let me.

Of course, then there is the part that I find the funniest (I don’t know why!) “Samir Naga…Nag…Naga…Naganna work here anymore, anyway!”

Kills me every time!

That’s funny, I thought this thread was about the Mike Judge animated short. Obviously had much influence on the later development of the movie.

My favorite:
“It seems you’ve been missing alot of work lately”
“I wouldn’t say I’ve been missing it, Bob”

My favorite moment: when Peter is walking out of the building, and Lumbergh (“Yyyyeah…”) spots him and shifts positions so that he’s right in Peter’s path and starts talking, and Peter just walks around Lumbergh like he’s not even there. DAMN, I wanna do that…

Around our house, the smashing of the printer shot in that “gansta rap video” style always gets a few belly laughs.

I love that movie!

However, I would agree that the “nightmare” scene was the best part.

Okay… now I want to go rent the movie, again.

I loved it when it was a bit on Liquid Television by Mike Judge. And I loved it even more when it came to the screen. Deitrich Bader makes the absolutely coolest “nextdoor neighbor” type of friend: He’s a buddy no matter what, totally nonjudgemental. I always wanted a neighbor like him. And I really liked Ron Livingston in Swingers, and thought it was great that he got his own starring role.

It’s so hard to pick a favorite bit that hasn’t been mentioned, but how about this one:

When Peter dismantles his cubicle, and Lumbergh walks over and starts talking about TCH reports or whatever, and then just casually mentions “We’ll get this all picked up” when he notices the cubicle lying on the ground.

MAN that was a great film.

I have to be careful about watching this movie too close to time for me to go to work. If I do, then I end up doing that goofy, slow-motion, bad-ass-type walk through the hospital with the words, “Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta’” running through my head.

Naw, the best part what when he was eating with Jennifer Aniston and they say:

“Won’t you get fired?”
“I don’t know.”
“What about bills?”
“I never really liked paying bills, I’m not going to do that anymore either.”

I know exactly what you mean. I can’t believe the feelings of insurrection this movie brings on!

It makes me want to bring a power drill to work.

“…um, they told me I wouldn’t have to move again…and…um…”

I just love that whole character!

No joke…this movie makes me damned rebellious. I don’t even work in a cubicle, and I don’t have to put up with any of the usual office bullshit.

As for favorite scenes, my favorite scene is the one I am watching. :slight_smile: Otherwise the nightmare is fabulous, and nothing makes me groan as much as Tom’s “Jump to Conclusions” mat. There are so many good ones people have already identified…I happen to like the scene where they are looking up money laundering in the dictionary. I usually come close to pissing in my pants by then.


Yeah too many to list, but hey I’ll add a couple:

“What would you do with a million bucks?”
“Two chicks at the same time.”

And the scene where he is listening to the gangster rap in his car and then he rolls up the window and turns the music down when he sees a black guy come by. Too funny.

Omigod! evilbeth, Edwardina, I totally agree about Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta. I SO want to make a movie, starring me (sweet little white Catholic girl) and invent a scene where I can play that song. (Ya, know, because I’m SUCH a gangsta.) It kills me! I wish my life had a soundtrack so I could put it on there. (Along with Ode to Joy.)

One of my favorite parts is where he’s gutting a fish on the TPS report.

“The cake to people ratio is too low.”

Poor Milton…

Hmm, we have all these women wanting to strut around to

Weird, and yet, I totally agree. I also kind of like the one that goes, “Die motherf*cker” over & over. I sing that to myself when trying to dispatch a particularly hardy opponent in Diablo II.

You’d never think it to look at me.

But then, I get around - like a record. Come on and show me your “oh” face - “oh, oh!”

The outtakes at the end of the flick (w/Deitrich Bader) crack me up.

Also the whole hypnosis/dying/entering Utopia scene.