I bet my conspiracy theorist friend $100

I have a friend who believes every whacky thing on the conspiracy theory websites. Jade Helm, chemtrails, FEMA camps, Michele Obama is really a man, Sandy Hook was a hoax, etc. Her latest Facebook post was a guy trying to prove that the earth is flat!!
She now says that there will be no election this year because Obama is going to declare martial law, cancel the election, and continue to be the president. So I bet her $100 that none of that will happen.
So, should I collect on election day or wait until inauguration day?

Wait to avoid technical fouls.

They said that about Clinton too.

And Bush Jr.

Wait till inauguration day. She could still claim that Obama can declare martial law between the election and then.

You lose no matter what because you made the bet in dollars which aren’t real money because of some nonsense she’ll explain to you.

Go back and very clearly specify now that it’s just the election. Offer a separate bet with respect to martial law being imposed in the interim that prevents the newly elected President from being inaugurated. Milk that cash cow.:wink:

If you win, and she tries to give you a slip of paper with “A4V” written on it, don’t accept it.

She thinks she will win the bet, of course, but she said that she won’t be able to collect because we probably won’t be in the same FEMA camp, and the government will have taken all our money anyway.
I don’t even want to take her money, I am just hoping she will see what BS it all is.

The important question is, did she establish joinder with you?

Haha, I had to Google A4v. I’m surprised I haven’t heard about that from her already. Honestly, I don’t get how a reasonably intelligent person can believe this stuff!

We had a new member start a thread just yesterday asking how to get the IRS to take his A4V as payment.


She’s already seen that it’s all BS. The problem is that she chooses to believe things that contradict what she sees. Why is she your friend anyway?

I have worked with her for over 20 years. She wasn’t like this until about 5 years ago. I don’t know what set it off. She’s a good person, just really gullible. Come to think of it, about 10 years ago she was trying to get me to buy into an obvious pyramid scheme. She was going to be able to retire in a year and the rest of us suckers would still be working. So maybe that’s when it all started. Hmmm…

If I can stop laughing long enough to type an answer, I remember exactly the same story being spread about Bush 41, Clinton and Bush 43, which means it’s at least 28 years old. It’s probably older than that, but I wasn’t listening back then.

Since you can’t convince her this is total, utter bullshit, at least see if you can make more money with a few other bets:

  • There are “No Tresspassing Martial Law” signs hidden away at Wal-Mart stores all over the U.S., ready to be deployed overnight.

  • Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama’s orders will be carried out by United Nations troops transported by “silent helicopters” from their secret bases in the Ozarks.

  • All of this has actually been authorized by Congress, although they weren’t aware of it, because the legislation was hidden inside one of those huge appropriations bills that no one ever reads.

  • Operations will be controlled from the secret underground headquarters at The Greenbrier in W. Virginia. Supposedly, that installation was decommissioned in 1992, but that was just a bluff by the government. They actually built a bigger, better headquarters underneath the part that was publicly revealed.

Also, insist that all bets should be settled in gold. Your dollar bills will be worthless.

In the event you lose this bet, pay her via A4V.

How do I get in on this action?

Why is she still working instead of living a life of ease with her percentage of various Nigerian princes’ fortunes?

Be kind when you win, donate the winnings to charity.

Who is holding the money?