I broke my GD cherry!

Not my first time posting in GD, but my first time posting in a thread that I didn’t start. I go to GD to ask questions, not express opinions. I read the thread and saw an opinion I agreed with, but wanted to take a step further. Then, before I knew what was happening, I made a bold (for me) assertion of a point no one had yet brought up. While previewing, I realized that this was the first time I’d ever stuck my head up in GD, and posted with a sense of having matured.

I won’t link to the thread, because this is not about the thread or my post. It wasn’t an issue about which I felt passionate; it was just something I wanted to contribute to the discussion. And if you find it, you’ll probably think it laughably benign by GD standards. It’s not important as a post, just important to me.

Just wanted to share this, because I feel like I’ve matured or something! Wow, my first opinion in GD!

And a concise, well-written reply it was. You didn’t step on anyone’s toes, though. So you’re diplomatic, too. I’ve been avoiding GD recently because I’ve been feeling like my responses are poorly organized and I try to put too much into too few words.

Can’t believe that with nearly 4000 posts it was your first time though. I’m still working on 300, so far be it from me to congratulate you, but I’ll say your posts are pretty cool in general.

I’m just glad not everyone has opinions or the forum would become very, uh, opinionated.


Broke your GD cherry? Slut. I’m saving myself untill marriage.

(OK, I’m a big chicken without strong opinions or coherent arguments. No, that’s not it. You’re a GD slut.)
-Rue. (who’s in some mood today)

Doesn’t one “pop” a cherry, rather than “break” it?

Congrats anyway :wink:

Not necessarily, istara. Remember the scene in Goodfellas, where teenage Henry survived his first bust without ratting anyone out or losing his cool, and all the guys were outside the courtroom to congratulate him? Paulie, I think it was said, “Aw, you broke your cherry!”