I broke my moderator coffee mug

But the jackboots still fit, right ?? :smiley:

Yes, except now, it’s just cosplay.


It held pretty much exactly what I consider to be one serving of coffee, about 10 oz.

This is why I don’t use the important mugs.

Someone at my office stole my favorite mug, which has been with me at several offices over the past decade.

Hey! You’re in Kettering! I always tell people I’m from Dayton because no one ever heard of Kettering. I spent years 1 through 7 there before we moved to Florida. We lived on Renwood Drive near Archbishop Alter High. Are you familiar with the area? Looking on a map I see Ernst Park, I’m sure that was the wooded area we used to cut through to go to George L. Ernst Elementary, so it looks like it’s a park now, but I don’t see the elementary school on the map. Maybe it’s now the YMCA or the church?

Anyway, sorry about your mug. My cats usually break mine, but I did break my Star Trek mug I had at work when I dropped it in the sink. That’ll teach me for washing it.

My favorite mug handle recently broke and attempts to re-attach it have been futile, as have attempts to find another online. I guess I’m going to have to drive 900 miles to Lajitas (just a bit past Terlingua) to get another.

I broke my Chewbacca mug long ago and I still miss him.

You broke your wookie?

Yes I did. Sniff…

Oh, that’s easy. Unicorns don’t exist, but that’s not a unicorn, that’s an alicorn. Those are totally real.

In my first quick read of this, the word offices became orifices. Completely different mental image.

Thundermugs, GO!

When you stop being a mod that will no longer be necessary.

I recall taking a class on Buddhism in my senior year of college. In one lecture, the teacher talked about the idea of impermanence. Nothing last forever. So, when you lose an item (or, as the case here, it breaks), one should not be sad, or lament, but should exclaim with wonder and awe: “I always wondered how it would end!”

Its too big for Scotch and way to small for beer. :frowning:

I’m pretty sure the wife will break it soon enough anyway.

I’m Catholic so I always exclaim “This is why I can’t have nice things!”

I reglued the broken handle onto my favorite mug. Later the handle came off and spilled hot coffee into the lap of my pregnant sister-in-law. It was terrible, that mug was irreplaceable.

Frank, I’m sorry. Glue & make it a pencil cup? Again, sorry, but as I get keep being reminded… I’m lucky to be allowed to post.

Best Wishes…

Sorry to hear that. I still have my Eastern Airlines coffee cup, from my days at the airline. I also still have a t-shirt that says “Marry me, fly free”. :smiley: