Tell us about your coffee cup!

I’ve discovered, after years of being faithful to a single “Mom’s Coffee” type cup, that I’m fickle at heart. Now, instead of the single mug I used to keep, I have several, all designated for different uses:

Pink Eeyore cup - Use for Big Coffee days and when I’m crampy and tired.
Vintage dripware mug - A definite comfort mug, as well as being Big Coffee.
Dainty Lidded Cup - For the rare occasions when I feel dainty or elegant. Heh.
Beer Mug - Another Big Coffee day cup. I’m using it now, in fact.
Clear mug with “Coffee!” written all over it - For use when every other mug is dirty.

My mother was a one-cup person; so, as I recall, was my father. In fact, I may be the only multi-cup person in my family. How very rebellious of me!

What about your cup, mug, or collection? Do you have a favorite?

At home my favorite mug says Southern Bears on it. At work my mug says “Everybody is born right handed yet only the greatest overcome it!” [sub]Yep, I am a leftie.[/sub]

**bodypoet ** you and me were seperated at birth. I, too, have a coffee mug problem.

**One ugly brown travel mug ** is always my working outdoors in the garden mug.

**Mug with my name on it ** writing mug. Cannot write without it. (also my THAT TIME of THE MONTH mug) Usually holds tea.

**Every Day Ware ** Morning starter cup.

**stainless steel travel mug ** All car trips, even if I am not thirsty. It can be used as a weapon in the event of a car jacking :smiley:

Lawyer: *For the courts consideration, we would like to put on exhibit the murder weapon a stainless steel coffee mug. *

*The deceased tried to take her van. *

Johnny Cochran: *The defendant was just trying to defend her inalienable rights to drive an econoline, your honor. *

Lawyer: * But she doesn’t grasp the concepts of parallel parking in it. *

Judge: [frowning]* Put her in jail for a 100 years! *

My favourite (it’s the biggest) has this text on the side: “Dear Fellow Employee With Whom O Work Day In And Day Out”. On the bottom, visible when I lift the mug, is the text “Up Yours!”.

Apart from that I have a mug with Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s apprentice from Fantasia (a present from an ex GF, nowadays my best friend) and a mug commemorating the wedding between Randy Andy and Sarah Ferguson.

These somehow all have costs associated with them:

Free! I’ve got everyday mugs that I’m forced to use because my wife revolted against a cupboard full of non-matching mugs. I did, however, manage to get a pass on my “Hilo Hatties” mug I got Free with Purchase of $25 or more when we went to Hawaii a couple years ago.

>$25 Then there’s my Travel Mug. It’s one of those Stainless Steel ones ith the Black Plastic Lid. I paid almost thirty dollars for it at Caribou Coffee one night one the way home from Houston’s in Buckhead. I normally don’t make such foolish purchases, but I was under the influence of Martinis.

<$50 Of course, we can’t forget the Limited Edition Walt Disney Collector’s Mug with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. My ex-GF bought it on a trip to Epcot, and it somehow ended up at my mom’s. The girlfriend is long-gone, and my sips her coffee from a $60 coffee mug. She’s oblivious.

There are the travel mugs - the one from my old employer that was the annual birthday present for last year, given to me even though I left before my birthday actually occurred. This is my favorite travel mug - it’s big and doesn’t drip.

The other travel mug has no handle, and says “University of Tennessee School of Information Science”. I got it at orientation last year. It’s smaller, and tends to leak if the top’s not put on just right, so I don’t use it as often.

At home, I have my NYSE mug - it’s standard coffee mug sized, and I don’t use it as often. Neither do I use the Straight Dope mug that often - if I do, it’s tea, not coffee, because they’re just not big enough to give me my coffee fix.

There are the blue ones that came with my set of dishes. These are slightly bigger than a normal coffee cup, and work on an average daily basis. One doesn’t get used much, due to an unfortunate dropping incident that resulted in a handle amputation.

Then there’s the green mug. Holds 2 regular size cups of coffee, and is my preferred morning mug. To use it daily, though, would mean that I’d have to do dishes daily, and that doesn’t always happen. But my morning is always a little happier when the green mug is involved. A great morning is when I manage to get through it twice before time to get in the shower.

When my hubby and I have breakfast together we have mugs with our names on them that my cousins gave us the first time we went to Canada to visit them.

If it’s a really cold day and I want a big mug o warm stuff I use my campbells soup mugs.

Elsewise I use my monopoly mugs.

When company comes we use the mugs to match my dishes set and I use my monopoly mug :slight_smile:

We have tons of mugs at home. Here at work, I have two. My main one is a “caffeine” mug from ThinkGeek. It’s the smaller version. I use it because it’s small and therefore I fool myself intot thinking I’m drinking less coffee. When a bigger portion is needed (for a meeting or for hot chocolate) I bust out the mug I got that advertises the company’s product.

<p>At home there’s the Stonehenge mug, the Van Gogh mug, and the Beebo mug. Beebo’s my dog, and the mug is a picture of him I painted at one of those “Paint Your Own Pottery” places.

Wow, that’ll learn me to code html and post at the same time. Looks like I need to fill up one of those mugs and get started on the coffee.

At home i am a serious abuser of mugs - my friends and housemates are always criticising me for the amount of one-drink stands i have.

I can’t help it. I fear commitment.

Sometimes i’m a complete b*stard and won’t finish with a muf even when i know i don’t want it anymore - i’ll keep it hanging on for hours, days and sometimes months after which i’ll just cast it aside without a second thought.

At work though, i’m a completely different person - I have one mug which is very special to me and which i’m completely loyal too.

Its my Wallace and Grommitt: The Wrong Trousers Mug.

We met years ago one easter (It was carrying an egg), and ever since then we’ve been very close. We went to Uni together and now we are at work together too.

Despite its growing age and yellow-stained interior i still love it dearly - together we have seen the best of times and the worst.

Though there are many better looking mugs out there none have as much personality - and we all know that its personality, not looks, that count.

I generally use the standard, came-with-my-dishes cups for my morning coffee, but I have favorite mugs too.

My AOL screen name is CoffeeJitters - so you can see this is an issue with me. I have a cup right next to my computer that just says “JITTERS” on it. Someone said it was a chain like Starbuck’s that is now defunct, but they sent me the mug because it was obviously made for me. Unfortunately, its too small for what I consider a reasonably sized coffee, so it’s a pen holder.

I have an old Shoebox cards mug that just says “Life Is Too Important To Be Taken Seriously” - this is the one I usually use when we have company and they’re all drinking out my match-the-dishes mugs.

There’s a turquoise mug with black, pink and yellow mosaic patterns on it that I like for when I’m doing crafts in my studio.

And last but not least is my extra-ginormous, lavender, matte-finish mug, which is only ever used for tea. It is roughly the size of my head, and it’s my “comfort” cup.

I have a really cute coffee cup. The outside of the cup is white with black cow spots on it, on the inside there is a little ceramic cow, that is uncovered as you drink the coffee down. My kids like to say “hi” to the cow every morning.

I’m really astounded. I have never actually put any thought into this.

I have a Texas mug with armadillos on it at home, but I rarely use it since I don’t drink coffee at home.

At work, I have a very plain blue mug with something written on it. It was given to me about three years ago by a then-coworker. I don’t remember what it says because it’s generic and I generally ignore it. As long as it’s there, I don’t care.

And it’s filthy. I really need to clean it.

My mugs are assorted, either with a college logo or an engineering co. logo.

But ! Today ! I am drinking from the Happy Birthday mug !! This came with some candy a few birthdays ago, and when it’s someone’s birthday I get them to use it on that day. And today it’s me ! :slight_smile:

Since my daughter is in the Navy, at work I have a navy blue mug that says, “NAVY DAD”, in gold.

I have a travel mug that I use in the car.

At home, during meals I use the mugs that match the tableware. I also keep and use a collection of mugs that I have been given by vendors. I use these while I’m working in the garage or outside so I don’t have to worry about breaking them.

And Happy B-Day to ya, NinetyWt

I usually only drink coffe at work, and-- asskiss that I am-- I drink out of a company-logo mug, which is prominantly displayed on my desk for upper management whenever they should stroll through.

At home if I drink coffee, it’s usually out of my White House mug (not from the WH, just a pic of the WH on the side).


My coffee cup:

Philip and Diablo in stilsuits with a beer background.

“Beer is the mind killer
Beer is the little death that brings total obliteration
I will face my beer
I will permit it to pass over me and through me
and when it has gone past
I will turn my inner eye to see its path
When the beer has gone there will be nothing
only I will remain.”

I LOVE goats!

My mug at work commemorates a very important event: Bose Bowl II. Co-workers organized a trivia bowl, with departments putting together teams that competed for a trophy.

My team won the first round (Bose Bowl 1), and the mug actually has printed on it one of the questions that I answered during the competition:

Q: Who was Godzilla’s only known offspring?


I always use the same mug at home. I have a matching set that is easily in reach and the perfect size for coffee. They are kind of tan and cream colored. Tea gets a tea cup not a mug.

I have a coffee mug at work. It is black with a company logo on it and was a gift many years ago from my co-workers. I am not using that mug today because someone took it from the dishwasher. So I stole someone’s mug which is pink and has flowers on it. I don’t like girly coffee mugs.

My mug is a HUGE gorgeous maroon thing with Office Goddess written on it.

I just love it!