I broke my moderator coffee mug

When I became a moderator here on the SDMB–jeez, must be ten years ago now and my name was This Year’s Model–the powers that be sent me an SDMB Staff coffee mug. It was a nice design and just the right size for me.

I dropped it today.

It broke.


If you got reinstated as a moderator, would they give you another mug?

Did you find the locator chip?

I know this guy. I can get you a new one. Highest possible quality. Only $20.

Also, Gucci sunglasses and Yves Saint Laurent t-shirts.

All fully genuine and totally legit.

I can sympathize. It was a sad day when I broke my favorite coffee mug. It was a souvenir mug from Disney World and couldn’t be replaced; it had an old Pirates of the Caribbean logo from before the movie and Disney hadn’t made any of them in years when I broke mine.

Speaking of which, when the hell is SDMB swag coming back?
I need a t-shirt and coffee cup myself.

I broke a coffee mug that I’d received in a SDMB coffee mug exchange. Though it broke rather cleanly into two pieces, and I glued it back together, and although it wasn’t good enough for drinking after that, I found I could still use it as a pencil/paintbrush holder.

I got a coffee mug for my birthday.

I don’t drink coffee.

You fit inside the coffee mug? Was it giant, or are you tiny?

I’ve got mine.

I drink Scotch out of mine.

As can I. My favorite Philadelphia Eagles mug got a large chip in it a couple of years ago.

Then again, so did the Philadelphia Eagles.

So the rest of us can just suck eggs?

I treasure my SDMB coffee mug.

Not enough to retire it from use, but still . . .

I’ve heard all SDMB coffee mugs are made from recycled toilet bowls. That’s why I sent mine back.

I just assume they’re a mythical beast like unicorns.

I feel your pain. If anything ever happened to my Air America coffee mug, I would be sorely bummed.

I disagree. I actually know what unicorns look like, in theory. The mug remains an utter mystery to me.


If unicorns are mythical, how do you explain this?

It’s a trick question. There is no explanation.