I call Bullshit on Jeopardy!


Thank God for rewind on the DVR and the edit feature. I’m a big enough fool here already.

Remember, your response must be in the form of a question.

So, Emily Litella, you’re not going to let us know what you thought was bullshit?

I call bullshit on the OP calling bullshit on calling bullshit on Jeopardy! (whatever that means).

Let me guess…you thought that the star of The Sheik was Rudy Vallee.

I call bullshit on the OP claiming he’s a big enough fool already.

I heard Seafury, not Seafire. And then I started yelling at the TV.

At least they finished the board this time. It’s always frustrating when the contestants leave my favorite category for last and I don’t get to see all the clues.

That’s Bill Whitaker talking. Not the most crisp voice and enunciation.

Lately I’ve been watching Jeopardy clips on YouTube, where they go through a whole category. The vast majority they go through the whole thing, but once they didn’t and it was supremely unsatisfying.


What is a thread that will die shortly?

Oh, no! Oh, I’m watching the new “Jeopardy!” and a man missed a Bible question because he did not know what Deuteronomy waaaas!

Autonomous deuterium? Cool! Pity I have never seen Jeopardy, sounds like a nice program, makes Gatopescado funny, but my cable provider does not show it.

I called bullshit on Jeopardy yesterday in the other thread.

But I was wrong.

No you weren’t.

I do actually think that lady misspoke or had a brain fart when she answered, “Black sheep, black sheep”, but then she got lucky when the judges found she wasn’t the first person to ever say the rhyme that way. If I were her I would totally pretend I was thinking of L. Frank Baum.

I’ve been trying to understand how the game works. It seems mostly that the contestants ask the host questions and they get points if he can’t answer them, and he can almost never do that. It’s not consistent though, I think there must be more to it. Anyway, I know the answers to most of those questions, I don’t know how, the answers just seem to pop into my head, like I’ve heard them before. So to me the show is just not that interesting.

That is…not how the show works.

It’s a standard trivia quiz, except that the “questions” are descriptive statements and the “answers” given in response by contestants must be in the form of a question.