I can be Canadian without you, Coca-Cola

Anybody from Canada knows how much a national symbol the game of hockey is to us. Everyone can hum the tune to Hockey Night in Canada. So, what do you suppose the Coca-Cola company does for their latest advertisement? They show clips of people playing hockey and drinking coke! These motherfucking sons of bitches are trying to make people identify them with a symbol of national pride and they aren’t even fucking Canadian!

Well, fuck you, Coke, I haven’t taken a sip of your shit for the last two weeks and I’m no less Canadian than before.

Yeah! McDonalds too! Fuck you Ronald!

[sub]Just keep sponsoring all the junior leagues. We want all that corporate sponsorship money, but don’t want to see you.[/sub]

What’s Lola got to do with it?

Yes, and believe it or not, I can be Canadian without drinking Molson either. I can even be Canadian without eating at Tim Horton’s, even though I do anyway.

I object to having my national identity being packaged and sold to me, especially by people from a completely different nation.


Who the hell gives a shit? It’s a fucking marketing gimick, not an affront to your national sovereignty.

Jeez. Just eat/buy/drink what you like.

Oh yeah, well my “Canada Dry Ginger Ale” is gonna be poured down the sink, how do you like that!!

Actually, it’s nearly empty and going flat. And it’s hard to sound tough when you admit to liking ‘Ginger Ale’.

I don’t mind it all that much. I am sefl aware enoughand intelligent enough that seeing how even though Molson sponsors HNIC, it is not a reason enough to buy their product on a regular basis.

Tim Hortons I support for all the good that they do. That and I like their product. Yes, they might be corporate, but there are some companies that do alot for each community that they are in. Timmy’s is one of the better ones.

I really don’t mind it either, I just happened to see it at that particular time, was grumpy because that’s how I am when I wake up, and was in the pit already. So, I decided to post my beef. I really can live with it.

Like Canada…


What, Coca Cola trying to identify themselves with a country’s national sport in order to sell flavoured sugary water? I’m shocked!

:eek: See, look how shocked I look.


I am shocked, shocked that a company with worldwide sales attempts to tailor its marketing to specific demographics.

Ya, screw you Coke for defiling my Michigan housed TV tuned into CBC Hockey Night with your commie Canada red maple leaf flag all over the place!

You should be a hootin’ and a hollerin’ and showin’ off the old Confederate flag, y’all!


(Coca Cola is based in Atlanta, GA, for those not in the know.)

Suck it up, Canadoids. I’ve got news for you, we don’t even drink Coke down here. We export that stuff for your benefit. And have you ever wondered why the formula is so secret? Of course you haven’t, you’re Canadian. It’s drugged to make you amiable and compliant. You won’t have a clue until the tanks rumble across the Peace Bridge. And you know what? I just told you the master plan, and you still won’t do anything about it. How very Canadian of you. You are going to pay for exporting William Shatner and Celine Dion, and with compound interest.

So, where is this Canadia, anyway? Minnesota?

An article I read called this “glocalisation”. Multinational corporations using local cultural sensibilties to promote their product. Their example was using Asterix to hawk big macs in France.

That can’t be right, Coca Cola supports argentina sports. Good god they have betrayed us. Thank god for the net I will never drink that delicious, cold and sweet beverage in my life. I’ll drink Pepsi they will never try to pull this kind of shit. I am shocked.

The Gaul of them.

I just came over for the groaning. I see it is, once again, Larry. I’ll just be on my way.

Coke in the US tastes like a melted slurpee. Give me Canadian Coke any day.