I Can Browse the Dope at Work!!


Actually… it’s not as glorious as I thought it would be :confused:


And now, when I get home, everything’s been read and I dont have anything to do at home now. I’m so glad I bought that tv, cause now I need it.

Dude…World of Warcraft. You’ll never lack for timewasting activities again. Ever.

Well, the alternative is to get busier at work. I’m sure some people could use some help filing invoices, making copies, running errands to the office supply store, etc.

Gee, using the SMDB at work is looking better all the time isn’t it? :smiley:

Google Earth is pretty bad ass… it works very well on this computer. I wonder if maybe it’s got the 400 dollar version. Not sure though. Yesterday I found Area 51 and what looks like a rocket propelled semi or some kind of alien technology testing… Well that’s what it looks like.
I also just like to stare at the spinning world and grab it with the little cursor and spin it all different directions. Like playing God. I just grab it and Spin it. Woooooooooooo!
Then I’ll grab the North Pole and spin the planet north to south. Weeeeeeee! Zoom in! Zoom out. Zoooooooooom in. Zoooooooooom Out. Woohoo…

Busier?? Pshaw!! I work for the government!! I thought my goal was to find ways to do less?

Dude, you’re lucky. I gotta wait until I head home for the night. :confused:

And do you need to update your location field? I don’t remember your ‘old’ one.

Mine’s current.

Yup. Give me a sec and I’ll update it.

My boss reckons “how much work you do” in minutes, not volume or goals achieved. If one of my coworkers has a task that will take him about 3 hours, gives it to me and I do it in 15 minutes, then the boss decides my coworker must have been exagerating and I must be lazy, since I claim to have “nothing to do”. No: the coworker uses pre-papyrus methods, I use Excel, and I’ve already done all the work I could do, including parts that are due next month.

So now when I’m doing something a coworker has passed to me, I do a bit… web a bit (boss thinks the SMDB is professional, his English skills aren’t quite up to par)… do a bit more… read some E. A. Poe in English, .pdf so it doesn’t look like a book… and hand it in a bit faster than the coworker would have done it, but just a bit. And the boss thinks I’m doing a great job!

I do that too! It’s a hoot. Turn the world upside down and pretend you’re from down under.

I have the same problem. That’s actually why I’m responding to this thread :smiley: I try browsing the archives every now and then, but I’ve become spoiled by the preview bubbles.