I can't beleve Zombo.com is still running

Welcome to Zombo.com.

If you’re puzzled, here’s the Wikipedia page about it; I first learned about it back in 1999 shortly after it was put up, and somebody’s been paying to host it for 17 years now.

Great site! Can’t start my day without knowing what’s new on Zombo.

I’m kind of surprised it could have survived the dot com boom without being bought and used. It’s a very good domain name really. Short, memorable, easy to pronounce, spell,and remember. And at least to me doesn’t have any offensive connotations. It’s not a site I was aware of, but I was in site launch meetings back in the day where buying domain names like that were discussed and very good offers made.

Anything is possible at zombocom.

My husband was just remarking on this the other day. He used Zombo.com to test whether my laptop had successfully paired with the Bluetooth speakers and was amazed that it was still up and running.

17 a year is not a lot to keep a site like that running.

Foam Bath Fish Time is still there too.

:confused: Are you saying it costs $17 a year to keep it running? Because I was pointing out that it’s been running for 17 years.

Either way, it’s bizarre. Why would somebody pay anything to keep it going for that long? It’s not making money for anyone (except the service provider who’s being paid to host it). Is someone just shelling out cash to make it the world’s longest-running gag?

The wikipedia article is worse. It quotes all those people that say Zombodotcom is their favorite website. Do they visit it every day? Does the voice make them happy?

Because I’m thinking, of ALL the websites available, the one that does nothing is their favorite? I’ve seen more entertaining 404 pages.

Back when the world wide web started the domain providers pushed a lot to try and sell you multi-year packages on domains. I’m sure a lot of people bought a 10-year contract with the domain provider because it was such a “great deal”. And you can tell from the Whois lookup that Zombo(dot)com was one of these. The last time they renewed their domain purchase was in 2010, so they must have bought a multi-year package. I wouldn’t be surprised if the one before that was a 10-year one and they continued because “well, I came this far, and it’s famous now anyway”.

10-year registrations are something like $80 total without privacy stuff. When the dot-com was big that probably seemed like pennies to secure domains that people were sure would become big.

If he has his own server the cost is like $5 a year (I think)

I have number of domains on 10-year packages. They’re email-only, so no web pages.