I can't believe I'm starting the MMP

lol i guess you can say your connection was literally “buggy” to anyone you talk too :rofl:

Evening all. Did dinner at Golden Corral (it is nice to have a 4-course meal–soup, salad, entree and dessert) for under $20 now and then). The watched some soccer games at the fields (much easier than refereeing or coaching) and came home to watch tackleball (Browns lost). Was going to climb on-line earlier, but the Avengers: Endgame final battle with Thanos was coming up, so I had to watch that…

Anyway, week is about in the bag, so ready to get about the next one, which should look a lot like this one (plenty of soccer coaching, some shopping, and paying bills).

Oopsie, hope the guy who found your FiOS problem found it from a safe distance!

FCM, happy Afghaning…and keep your wisteria, here we worry about Kudzu…

So ready for another week in the MMP; all y’all take care and I’ll catch up with you on Moanday.

Sari, sounds like work is making Sah-son a bit more independent…good for him.

Taters, maybe it’s a guy thing, I use a separate glass almost every time I drink, albeit i will reuse a dish if it’s a refill.