I can't believe I'm starting the MMP

That was hilarious!

… and hit pretty close to home.

Woman, you have no idea.

Here, too. I’m sitting in my undies in front of Coolio finishing my second popsicle of the morning.

Might have a third one soon. So far I had blue and purple, which are at least predictable.
Next may be one of the yellow ones, which are a total crapshoot - banana? mango? pina colada? Who knows? :crazy_face: Makes for an exciting morning.

ETA: it was pina colada.

Sheets in the dryer, towels in the washer. I scrubbed the picnic table for Roxy and cut some drain holes in one end - somehow, the table top and both benches had water in them. I wonder if someone had dumped it in a pool at one point. But it’s clean and drained, so yay for that.

I also planted the two mums I bought last week. Each of the planters on the front porch used to have 2 mums in them, but a couple died last year, and I just got around to replacing them. I also dumped some plant food in all the planters and watered them in anticipation of the hot week.

At the moment, I’m having some more of the chicken-grape-crasin-pecan salad. It’s really good, especially with smoked chicken, but I’m the only one who’s been eating it. FCD is weird about food these days. Anyway, once I’m done, I think I’ll pull some weeds in the front bed. By then, it should start getting too hot to be outside, and I’ll assume the veg position.

And I think supper will be fridge grazing…

I had a tiny pork chop in the freezer, so I had pork chop, scrambled eggs, and English muffins for breakfast. And I did all my cleaning except running the Rollsuck Supreme, so I can concentrate on handegg today.

but did you get caught in the rain?

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles: the FiOS tech called at 11:45 to say he’d had a cancellation and could get here early! He arrived at noon and has been outside checking the line! :smiley:

I pulled weeds and dumped them in the woods. I also hacked back the Wisteria That Wants To Cover Southern Merrylande because it was starting to grab the truck. The sheet set is folded and stowed, the towels are in the dryer. I think I’m done choring for the day. Well, after the towels are folded and put away.

And I guess I should close the house now, dammit. Weather app shows 79° and climbing.

Happy Sunday!

Beautiful morning, great day at the park.
The dogs had a lot of fun, even Ripple got into playing. He acts like such an old man most days.
We had a new pup join us at the park this morning, a year old golden. I hope he comes back to join us in the mornings.
Supposed to get up close to 90 later today.

Today I’m going to finish the laundry I started yesterday.
I should unload the dishwasher too.
Trash goes out today.

My son has to irk tonight. Last Firday’s OT was cancelled, we were hoping it would be cancelled tonight as well. I think they would have called by now.
My friend who is his boss isn’t going to be his boss anymore. When she gets back from vacation this week, she will go back to her regular day shift. She was on night shift temporarily while another manager was being trained. Now my son is going to be forced to talk to his supervisor instead of asking me to ask her any questions he has.
From what I understand, his supervisors really like him, so it should be easy for him to get comfortable with them.
He’s learning anyway. He got yelled at by a cow-irker for doing something he didn’t do and he stood up for himself. Then a manager stepped in and handled the problem, some kind of glitch in the software.

I guess I should get off here and get busy.

Much housecleaning. Mrs. L.A. wants to get rid of her 26-inch digital TV and her DVD player. She hasn’t used them in years, and the tray cover on the DVD player has a broken hinge. That’s just cosmetic. Both the TV and DVD player work fine. I hooked them up this morning to test them, and the picture is great. It’s a good thing I tested them; Mrs. L.A. had left one of her Farscape DVDs in the player!

Anyway, I cleaned them up and took a picture and posted them on Nextdoor for $50 for both.

I loved Farscape. :slight_smile:

Went out for three cheap things. But I went to the “good” supermarket, not the cheap-o crappy one I usually frequent. Which has lotsa goodies.

Over a hundred dollars later I’m loading shit into my trunk and thinking, “Self, bitch, you better be hungry.”

I also got cat stuff, including a ball of compressed catnip for Monkey. Roll-tossed it to him like a soccer ball and he was OFF to the races.

Ask me again in a couple of hours. It looks like it’s fixin’ to rain out there. Hope it does, maybe that will blow out some humidity.

I’m sure Allie would love that catnip ball. :slight_smile:

Trying to get sorted out enough to survive 2 14-hour workdays back-to-back. Dishwasher and laundry have run, royal litterbox is scooped. We’re playing some fairly advanced fridge/freezer Tetris to get groceries stuffed in and somewhere near organized. Zap-and-eat stuff available for dinners. Now to get DH to take out the garbage. :slight_smile:

I have been so productive this week that I haven’t even had time to post here. I have been keeping track of **FCD’**s progress and have been sending much sympathy to both of you. Its so hard when someone you love is hurting and you really can’t help.

I’m hearing the smoke is clearing up somewhat, which is good. We are back to our regularly scheduled drought now but the rain was wonderful while it lasted.

My surplus produce box had a bag of pinto beans so I put some in the crock pot last night and mashed up a batch of refried beans this morning (they can be frozen) which was very good timing because a friend texted me suggesting tacos at their place. She then changed her mind to bringing the stuff here for tacos with fresh tomatoes and homemade refried beans finished off by playing with a kitten so that will be nice.

I kinda wish she had given me more warning, though. Usually I send visitors into the kitchen garden to pick stuff to take home, but today I stripped the tomatoes and had just put them in the crock pot for tomato sauce when she texted.

shoe, I think you mentioned having a small yard? Catnip is super easy to grow and our spoiled beasts think it’s much better than the dried store bought catnip. I’m just suggesting it in case you think your cats aren’t spoiled enough yet.

Mom sent me a large needlepoint Victorian house kit. It is going to be a lot of fun to stitch and will fit in our bedroom beautifully. I made the mistake of sorting the threads and now I WANT to get started but I can’t because I’m not finished with either of my current projects and I have to be firm with myself.

Timer just went off, more productive stuff must happen.

Happy Sunday!

Watching the Packers game. They are making my head hurt. :cheese: :unamused:

So did you Escape ? :wink:

I, too, have a drawer full of the hex keys. I should just turn them in for scrap metal, given that I use the ones in my toolbox.

Nelson and Max played in the dog park, I got a blouse mended (the hem came un-sewed), began a watercolor project (not sure what I’ll do with it, but I’ll figure it out), made some tomato-zucchini-parm soup for supper and am now, once again, getting ready to complete KP.

Back to the salt mines tomorrow.

I’m going to make an afghan for my niece’s baby, so I ordered the yarn, which happened to be on sale. Well, to get free shipping, you need to order $50 - yeah, I ordered more. But I had a 25% off coupon which meant I needed to order at least $67 worth to get free shipping. Bottom line, I’m getting 24 skeins in assorted colors. Because yarn.


Since everyone in the family already got multiple afghans over the years, I’ll be making more for a local nursing home. Once upon a time, I thought about making them to sell, but even if I figured my time at $3/hr, adding that to the cost of materials brings a good-sized afghan into the $200 neighborhood, and nobody around here wants to pay that much. So I donate and don’t feel unappreciated. Because I’m nice, dammit!

Now, I need to figure out the pattern for the future grand-nephew. She wanted an Oriole theme. I printed a couple of simple drawings of orioles on graph paper. I’ll have to simplify a bit further, but I think I can make it work. Wish I was a competent artist so I could draw my own…

It didn’t get nearly as hot as promised today, but I still closed up the house because someone who lives here is a big baby when it’s warmer than about 75°. Maybe the temps will drop next week.

I think it’s time to log off and have some chillage. Maybe I’ll be up early enough to start us off tomorrow, unless someone else is inspired. I’m not inspired - I just don’t like waiting to see if anyone else will do it first. So, here’s your chance to save yourselves from whatever inanity I see fit to use in the morning. Jump in there and get us started before 6 of the AM, Eastern Time.

For now, TA!!!

Howdy Y’all! Deheathenization and Verge duty went well. We made and et a hyuuuge N.O,L. That was followed by nappage. Chill and sloth since then. OK, I did haul the biiiiiiiiiiiiig trash can all the way down to the road for pickup tomorrow.

Thus is the news from swampland. Everyone have a great night!

the tv should go fast simply because everyone into retro/classic video gaming realizes its a pain in the ass to hook up a made in 80s atari or NES etc that needs a switch box or rf switch to a flat-screen/smart tv and the games themselves aren’t even made for them … there are all sorts of "I hooked up my system to a modern tv system and bleh " or worse horror videos on YouTube and people are scouring the thrift stores … that’s the reason we haven’t gotten rid of ours yet my nephew liked ate Atari 2600 version of Pac-man (he thinks it’s cute )so before we packed it up I hooked up a flashback 2600 and had to put it on a solid-state tv …

What do you mean ‘modern’? I don’t know how old it is, but it’s a digital flat screen.

ahh ok my apologies i thought you were talking about a non flat screen mid 90s early 2k tv …

I actually still have the 20-inch Sony CRT TV that my dad got me when I moved ‘down below’.

The problem with my FiOS wound up being kind of unusual: there was a wasp nest in the Verizon box on the pole, and it had frayed some wires! They had to call the company that maintains the lines, but my TV and internet were working again by the time I got home from my workshop. {phew} I really didn’t want to have to go to the office this week. (Also I’m glad the problem wasn’t with my line, so I won’t get charged for any of the work.)