I can't believe they got away with that!

This is a thread for all those jokes that you can’t believe got past the censors. Many will, of course, be from The Simpsons and Family Guy.

To start it off:

Homer’s mentioning of “the glory hole”
The carny’s name being “cooter” (though it was spelled cooder.)

From Family Guy:

Tons of nudity (including all of Lois and Peter’s asses, most of Lois’s breasts, and what would be her pubes, if it wasn’t obvious that she shaved (this was on Adult Swim only, in the Fox broadcast, they added underwear.)
Lois saying that Peter was “knocking on her backdoor,” and asking Brian if she should let him in (again, only on AS, not Fox. Same scene as above.)

The Simpsons are full of this kind of stuff. “Mmmmm…sugar walls.” Morningwood Penitentiary. Salad-tossing references.

“Cooter” was also the name of a character on the old Dukes of Hazzard show. Family Guy had a reference once to someone named “Felcher” as did “All in the Family” back in the 70s (similar hubby/wife piano intro on both shows, too).

Of course, there’s the current Burger King ad campaign (Buckin’ Chicken, Huckin’ Chicken, and whatnot).

Cooter’s not an unusual name. IMDB lists fictional "Cooter"s going back to Gunsmoke (with the most famous, of course, being on The Dukes of Hazzard)

Cooter is not an unheard of name. The most famous probably being this guy here. According to the people at Cooterfest it’s a term that describes a certain class of Southeastern US turtles.

There was an episode of “Yes, Dear” in which they were attempting to potty train one the children. They bought a video to show the kid. That video was the most “I can’t believe they did that” thing I’ve seen in a while.

Anya to Xander in Hush, and Buffy doing a jerking off motion in the same ep.

Man, I’m slow…

Mike Seaver in Growing Pains had a best friend named Boner.

Not sure how that one got past.

Richard Stabone was Boner’s full name… Whoa.

I only watched a couple of episodes of this show, but I know the answer…

Because the character’s full name was Sylvester StaBONE. Hence, Boner.

And if I had previewed, I would’ve learned how wrong I was. So, I have no idea how I came up with Sylvester.

Watch an episode of Two and a Half Men sometime. The whole show is one long sex joke, and pretty graphic. Funny, too.

Now you’ve got me questioning it… Maybe Sylvester was his dad’s name? I know they did that joke though.

If I recall correctly, that was an actual video entitled Once Upon a Potty.

Plenty of lines from Arrested Development:

I’m still amazed that they got away with Kevin’s older brother routinely calling him “scrote” in “The Wonder Years.”

There’s also “Sneed’s Feed and Seed (formerly Chuck’s)” from the Simpsons.

Oh no. You opened up the Pandora’s box of Cafe Society.

Kent Brockman once mentioned “golden showers” on The Simpsons.

Will & Grace: Too many examples to list.

Tex Avery with his character of Red hot riding hood had many.

A classic one that I think censors have been missing for more than 60 years:

In the classic cartoon Wild And Woolfy (1945), Droopy dog and the Sheriff’s Posse are trying to rescue Red (as a cowgirl) from the clutches of the bad wolf.

The wolf took Red to a cabin in the desert and ties her, but then he hears the Posse getting closer.
Wolf- It’s the posse!!!

[covers Red with a blanket, turns around to leave but then stops, lifts the front of the blanket and while he looks in the direction of her crotch he says:]

Now don’t you go anywhere!

An older ATHF episode where a “Voodoo Witch Doctor” tricked the cast into reciting, from helpful cue cards, the phrase “I am…Sofa King…We Todd Ed.” as part of a ritual.

“Not so fast…looses meaning. [chuckle]”