I Can't Believe You Raped A Pit Bull

What the fuck is wrong with you? You raped two kids, and then decided to rape a pit bull?! :eek: :mad: :eek: :mad:

A pit bull?!

You fucked up dreg of humanity. I’m not a fan of the death penalty, but you may just change my mind. Too bad it wasn’t the mean kind of pit bull. If it had bitten off your genitals, I’d have bought it a year of doggie treats.

You’ve been scooped.

Damn, I had looked about but hadn’t seen it. Well, I’m pitting, not asking for opinions. :stuck_out_tongue:

You think it’s worse that he raped a pit bull than that he raped two kids? Man, talk about mixed up priorities.

I was going to say the same thing. :dubious:

Not worse. It’s a sad, tragic, awful fact of life that kids get sexually abused.

Dogs getting raped, however, is quite the revalation to me. And deserves a whole new (although obviously less intense) category of scorn.

Not at all. That’s pure evil and totally fucked up. I’m in SHOCK that he raped the pit bull.

This surprises people how? Stuff like this has been going on since time began for humans. ( they even have a name for it in the bible )

The justice system in this country is designed to let people like this roam free.

Bet he is on the street again in 30 days…

It’s too bad this wasn’t one of those times the pit bull goes nuts and kills or maims a person.

Again? I’d kinda hoped this was one of those “once in a lifetime” events.

[Bill Engvall]
Has this become a problem?
[/Bill Engvall]

A question. How does that television station—WHNS—get away with printing the perpetrator’s name? I thought that the media was prohibited from printing the names of minors (the kid’s only 17).

And here’s the sickest thing about the alleged rapist: a previous story (May 24) say that one of the kids Williamson is accused of molesting is only three years old. (I found another story that says his victim was four). Ugh.

Yeah, priorities indeed. “This just in–Teen rapes dog. Oh yeah, and some little girls. Prosecuters are filing charges against him for raping the dog.” WTF?

Huh? Care to explain this very bizarre nonsequitor?

That kid is a fucking sociopath and needs to be locked up.

Locked up? At least. There’s a small and insistent voice in my head that says an “accident” needs to be arranged for him. Something involving his head and a large calibre weapon.

Brasky raped a pit bull once!

It gave birth to a litter of six bouncing baby boys!

It’s public record if he’s being tried as an adult, though, right?

That poor boy’s sick. He needs medical attention. 230 grains of lead applied cranially ought to do it.

He’s already been indicted for raping the two girls and was out on the street despite having a trial coming up, IIRC.

No, but to be brutally honest, the weirdness of a kid raping a pit bull grabs my attention more. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

[bad joke]The dog died. Does that mean he’s pregnant?[/bad joke]

There are people who will make this world a better place by subtraction. This is one of them. The world doesn’t need him, and should not spend any time or effort on rehabilitation. Just get rid of him, he adds nothing, and nothing he might potentially add one day in the distant future will be worth keeping him alive.

He needs crowbar therapy. The only therapy ever found to be assured in treating a child molestor.