I Can't Believe You Raped A Pit Bull

I wouldn’t mind if castration was revisited as a viable punishment for these types of crimes.

The old saying has it that “Dog bites man” is not news, “Man bites dog” is.

Now we have “Man rapes dog” and the headline I’d really like to see is “Dog rapes man”. (The same guy, of course, but getting a little attention from a MUCH bigger pit bull!

Jesus Fucking Christ. Some of you people are certainly vicious little animals, aren’t ya?

Goddamn barbarians, the bunch o’ ya. Williamson is very likely suffering from mental illness. And rather than even attempt to try to treat the guy, you wanna summarily execute the poor bastard - apparently without benefit of a trial. Fucking bloodthirsty savages. I agree that he should be separated from society before he does any more harm to innocent young girls, but fuck, man, you guys are downright malevolent and you disgust me.

I suppose. But I can’t find anything that says he’s being tried as such.

Well said, Unc.

Hey andros! It’s really good to be seeing you 'round these parts again. Yours is - and always has been - one of the sanest and most reasonable voices around here. Would that I were more often like you.

On the point of having his name published: The shit lives in South Carolina. 'Round here, if you’re over the age of 15 and commit a violent crime against persons or property, you are automatically to be tried as an adult (from 12-14, your grand jury can try you as an adult, but it’s rare.) Nope, 17 ain’t nowhere near a minor in SC.

Ah, I see. Thanks for the info, fush.

Maybe I’m having a dense moment, but I don’t understand this joke at all. Could someone explain it?

Amen to that. I don’t like the idea of living in the same society as some people, and not all of them are child rapists…

The rabbit done died.

Thanks, Beer. You’re the man.

you know, of course, that’s not true, don’t you?

I’m surprised only one person has suggested that having this person forceably raped is an appropriate response.

That’s because, as Unc points out above, it really isn’t.

No, I get that - however, it’s amazing the chorus of “He’ll get what’s coming to him in the big house! he he he” that seems to abound when this sort of thread pops up.

Doesn’t matter.

What’s important is that we take this oppurtunity to make sure everyone knows how much we hate people who harm things by saying how much we want to harm this boy.

Let’s hit him with rebar! :rolleyes:

I think SisterCoyote’s point is that my tirade may have forestalled the chorus one could usually expect. They don’t wanna get stomped. In which I - and many others - have done our jobs here. The members of that sad chorus may now be actually reflecting on the societal consequences of the manifestation of their violent wishes. One can only hope.

I’m thinking that if he is convicted, THEN execution is the way to go.

If that makes me bloodthirsty, too fucking bad. As the parent of two small children, one of which will be three in about two weeks, I have no sympathy for folks who harm children. NONE.

How this guy is still alive is beyond me. You molest one of my children, well let’s just say that there is no place on this planet in which you can hide from me.

Ah - well, if that is the case then that would be a great thing. 'Cus frankly, the other gets really old, really fast.

Sadly, while it might not be as much ‘fun’ for him, but he could still use other means to molest children and animals. Isn’t there *anything * that has a decent rehabilitation rate?