I can't belive it's not sequential threads!

** Do TV’s induce some sort of suggestive mindstate?

Is pot stronger these days?
Well, something’s inducing a suggestive mindstate!

** What in the blue fuck will it take?!

Blockbuster I hate thee. FUCK YOU!


And then, skipping over one thread, we end with:

Fuck you, Walloon

**Fragile health of message board participants??

Uh, Oh, Hypoallergenic Kitties MAY Be a Fraud!

What dumb things have you done while half-asleep?

Ask the straight married turned lesbian

I always wondered how that happened…

I have a date!-Oh, shit, I have a date
Survived my date with Dr. FEAR!!! (bwahahaha)

Well, my kid’s smoking pot
Haepy Nem Year!

**How do you open glass jars ?
Ask the girl who was in the hospital **


Okay… how do you open glass jars safely?

**Get a Home Improvement Gift Card Today! (see offer for details)
Help! Our Neighbors are going to burn their house down on purpose **

Tell them about getting a home improvement gift card today!

Cafe Society:

**You are Rip Van Winkle – What surprises you most about current pop culture?
Historical music videos **

There was no such thing as music videos when I fell asleep. Now there are historical music videos?

**Well, my kid’s smoking pot.
It’s About Fucking Time! **

Well, my kid’s smoking pot
It’s About Fucking Time!


Edited to add: Damn, beaten to it…

**Any Tips For Mopping A Floor?
Sexy warm pajamas **
Not today’s top tip, I’m thinking

**I had a root canal today…
It’s About Fucking Time! **
That halitosis was getting noticeable…

[QUOTE=AntaresJEdited to add: Damn, beaten to it…[/QUOTE]

Wow, I can’t believe I got there first. For once. :slight_smile:
How smart are you?
Maybe you can tell me…
**What is this moronic youtube message all about? **

Well, we’ve decided to keep the kitten.
It’s About Fucking Time!

Also – asked and answered:

What would an office staffed solely by Dopers be like?

Transcribing a videotaped will

Finding posts by Ludovic:

**What would an office staffed solely by Dopers be like?
Democratic or Democrat?

why not universal healthcare?
If Jesus Could Heal the Sick and Raise the Dead

**So, Um, When DO the Cows Come Home?

It’s About Fucking Time!**

Separated by one, but worth the stretch:

**We’re Pregnant! (we think!)

No needle, no scalpel vasectomy…Wha??

This just works out Sooooo well:

**We’re Pregnant! (we think!)

I’m not Satan but I play him on the SDMB

Show me your dishes

The patter of little hooves