I can't decide if I'm amused or not

Got caught going full monty? Doh!


Go with “amused,” it’s easier at this point.
Kinda like a dumbing down, huh?

I KNEW that the Simpsons would one day rule the world. This is only the first step. Consider yourselves warned.

<dons beret and Homer Simpson t-shirt>

Vive la resistance!

I can’t get into the OED online to check the definitions and the only one they really expounded on in the article was “doh!”.

But what the heck is retail therapy as opposed to regular therapy?

“Retail therapy” means going shopping to cheer yourself up.

Oh, well, hell! That’s one I can get behind!

Y’know? I always though it was spelled “D’oh.”

They didn’t know the term “bad hair day” until it was in Bridget Jones’ Diary?!