Those words....

It was busy at work today. The good kind of busy that makes it seem as if time is passing quickly. Part of my job, as a smiling, but not quite drooling idiot, grocery checker is to make mindless pointless chitchat with customers. Normally I am okay at it, but figure most people would rather get the hell out with a smile and a thank you rather than some pointless blather. I was having a good day today though and was trying to chat a bit more than usual. Then, I heard those words. The words that made me smile like a ten year-old who’d understood his first dirty joke. I looked behind me to see if it were some doper I’d never met, possibly being a wisen-heimer, but nope. I was wrong. It was a very much elderly gentleman, just being polite. Hearing the phase in normal conversation, made me grin like a lunatic for a good half hour though.

Fellow dopers…
How you doing??

[sub]why yes I do need sleep, why do you ask?[/sub]

uhm… Ok, I’m dense! No big news there… but What words??

Astroboy, I believe these are the words she means :slight_smile: Correct me if I’m wrong though…

[sub]Course, I’m never wrong! Ever! Got it?[/sub]


No? Fuck. Oh well.

Damn. ::hopes nobody sees this post ever::

  1. “Hi, Opal”?
  2. “Pardon me…Alphagene…is this the felching forum?”
  3. “Things are looking up, so let’s all get drunk and nekkid!”?

It must have been nice to hear them, I’m sure. Did he have the correct inflection (“How YOU doin’?”)? If so, he MAY be a closet Doper, perhap the lurker we all have been at one point.

Naw… He was just being nice!

Glad you had one of those moments!

I’ve actually trained my friends to say “How YOU going”,probably because I say it all the time hehehe. But I say the best with my sultry voice (:wink: Bill)
Of course I’ve also got them saying:

He’s so hot I’d blow his daddy just to see where he came from.

(When seeing a hottie) either

Meow Kitty Kitty


Down Shelby!

I was drunk, sorry for not making sense. It was a midwest, no inflection “how you doing?” but tickled me nonetheless.

I’m starting to think everytime I see an attractive woman in person, I should say “Hi, Opal”.
I have already explained “felching” to a younger guy I work with, who I thought needed help with his obscenities. (I couldn’t take another session of him repeating the word “cocksucker” 40 times, followed by King Of The Hill impressions.)
Scary how phrases from the board this want to creep into my audible conversations.

Though I don’t post as much as Tequila, I thought I had absorbed SD customs pretty thoroughly; but I had never noticed “How you doing?” as a common phrase on the boards. Poor excuse for a doper…if Uncle Bill sez it, it must be so. (“The boy ain’t right!”) :(

BTW, Tequila, you write very well drunk; that post was perfectly coherent, and at least half of us knew what you meant. High intelligence, good motor coordination, and a cute butt (Hi Opal): why everybody envies Turbo Dog.

Hey, it wasn't me! And I'm not THAT old...

Wait a second! You’ve been lurker???!! When? Was it while he was here? Or on the phone the other night? So who should I expect next Saturday for the DopeFest?!! Who else has been lurker that I didn’t know about?

lurker, dear… :wink:

Do I see a sig here?

I CONSTANTLY use How YOU doing in conversation. Maybe it was me, if I wasn’t miles away from you…

I thought “How you doin” was a Joey Tribbiani thing…you know, “Friends”?

And…would someone be kind enough to explain felching to me? It’s embarassing. I’m a doper fercryingoutloud and I don’t know! Thanks.

UncleBill? Well, it’s all right with me, but how come you want people to think you ain’t right? (BTW, no propane or propane-related accessories were misused in the creation of that post.)

Zoggie dear, a definition of felching would not enrich your life. There are so few opportunities offline to refer to outré sexual acts involving body parts and substances not normally in contact during any sane person’s conception of sex. (Pax, robgruver!)