I Consecutiving your thread title.

Well I couldn’t see one of these about so i made my own.

The Pit
It’s a fucking dog. Get over it.

My guinea pig died this afternoon. What do I do with its body?
Cleaning tips for the Ultra lazy.
How the heck do I make tasty salads?
Reccomend elopement gift

Here in MPSIMS:

I hate being attracted to women.
SDMB Gender Reassignment Thread

Using New Posts search

It’s gross. It’s WAY TMI. Your poop stories.
Best way to stain guard furniture.

Note that I do not pass judgement, but…

The DWI seems almost inevitable
Austinites! Up for an emergency BatDope?


Take One, Pass It On… (game)
make €5,000
(a spammed chain letter, probably soon to be deleted)

From the Pit:

**I pit myself for being a dumbass
I think I’ll spend my $14.95 elsewhere **

Least Favorite Illness symptoms
I hate being attracted to women

I thought about posting a sequential thread title thread because of those two but decided others were more creative when coming up with sequential thread title thread titles.


Big-ass tidal waves could occur, soon. Ish.
**Floridopers: I think we’re going to get wet. **

Yeah, I thought the same thing but in the end thought I’d just have a crack at it and see how it came out… the title isn’t great.

I never really looked for this before, but now that I do it’s rather amusing. Here’s some…

How to Start Off on the Wrong Foot with Your Son’s 2nd Grade Teacher
Ask the Guy Who Knows Everything About Goldfish
Is She Pregnant

And…once again, from MPSIMS
*I hate being attracted to women.

I got punched in the face!*


Freaky Cow-orker and the New Office Aroma

Cow-orker, Co-worker, Cow-irker

I like this one. :smiley:


I Just Inadvertently Flirted With a Thirteen Year Old
What did you say to the authorities?

In the BBQ Pit:

Can someone tell me what the hell’s going on in Najaff!?!?
Stupid movie warnings

My gardener needs to be kicked in his chalupa’s
I’m not really a morning person

In Cafe Society:

Help build an “American Food” menu
Scotch doesn’t seem to be working . . .


I hate being attracted to women.
Is she pregnant?


New Jersey governor resigns
The Make Me Laugh thread


Does she love me? I want to know.
Is she pregnant?