I.D. this old NES auto racing game?

I was just wondering if anyone could identify an old game that I had fun playing in my ol’ Nintendo Entertainment System days.

The game had a rear-aspect view of a sportscar (I think you could choose between a red and white one), that you raced along a winding stretch of road (not a closed track, I don’t think).

That’s all I can recall. Does it ring a bell, to anyone?

Heh. My guess while waiting for the page to load:

Rad Racer

This what you were looking for?

Just from that description, Rad Racer was my guess too.

I’d guess Rad Racer. If you traveled from country to country, then it’s almost certainly it.

Oh, and the 3-D feature SUCKED. (The game actually came with 3-D glasses–and it didn’t work.)

I was thinking Rad Racer as well. Maybe the sequel?

I do believe that’s it. Thanks, all!

Yes there was a RRII: